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September 22, 2008

Flashback- While chairing the school’s election committee, I came up with some ads urging people to vote-

  • Vote- it is not your duty, it is your right
  • Everytime you skip voting, everyone gets a spam email.
  • Vote, and make yourself heard
  • If you can spend 2 mins trying to choose between BigMac and Whooper, you can spend a few more mins and vote for someone who stands for you.
  • If you can spend 2 mins to decide on HotOrNot.com, you can spend a few more mins and vote for someone who stands for you.
  • Research has proven that women find men who recently voted more attractive
  • Vote, or be prepared for the butterfly effect
  • Voting is a product of evolution, dont be left behind with the primates.
  • “Voting- so easy, even a caveman can do it” Just go to ..(url)..


March 27, 2008

Tees are a great way to make statements (and ofcourse get attention). These were some of the ones that caught my attention:

  • “I see desi people”
  • “Chotey miyan, badey miyan” (with appropriate arrows)
  • my fav: “Tumhaari maa humare kabze mein hai”
  • “My other shirt has been outsourced”
  • Women’s shirt: “Mujhey Bhagwaan Ke Liye Chhod Do”
  • “You looked better on shaadi.com”

Some of my own:

  • “Our (red) dots power your dot-coms”
  • “Guilty of being a gulti”
  • My first words were “Hello World”
  • “Maa, mein (avval number se) graduate ho gaya”
  • “iSed” (desi mirrored) or “iNDIA” to catch on the Apple craze
  • I asked for dowry and all I got was this lousy T-shirt (marginally offensive, but hey drives the point, right?)
  • Our divorce rates are low because we have bad lawyers
  • “Over 30 million Gods served” as in McD’s ad
  • Because Columbus couldn’t find us, we found you
  • Actually, the last one might not make much sense here, but would make a superb print ad for GPS: With Columbus’ picture/ship right next to Garmin GPS, it would say “Imagine what would have happened if he had used Garmin Nuvi”.


September 26, 2007


Inspired by Rads’ fables, this is my 2nd shot at writing fiction. I have a
special prize for survivors.

PS: My first exptl foray can be found in the creative section here (no one can read just one!).


He is sitting there with a dim bulb shining over his bald head. He is writing
something into his notebook. He reads it out loudly.

“Dear God,

I have sinned, badly.

Ever since I was a baby, I found a magnetic attraction for lies. It was my first
love and it meant more than anything or anybody.

Babies are supposed to be inherently pure, with no adulteration from the dirty
world outside. But that is about others. This is me. I started feigning bruises
and pain to get more love from my mom, I faked hunger to get attention, I faked
results to get respect. What role did society have in shaping me like this? They
were nothing more than cheering spectators. They joined in my celebrations,
showered accolades, but never evaluated if what I did was right or wrong.
Ofcourse, who has so much time. This is a need-based society, and in the end
everybody was happy.. except me.

During my adoloscent years, I worked my way up and mastered this art. I was
impressed by my own powers. I was feeding a monster.

Initially, lies were more in number, though they were innocent lies which got me
through situations that were demanding. Then as I grew, I took larger bets and
took upon big lies (and less in number). Now that I have graduated having mastered
this sinfully addictive art, I have numbed myself.

I speak lies without giving a second thought. I lie as smoothly as I would blink,
breathe or walk. I have lost the ability to distinguish a lie from truth, I can’t stop myself from lying
because it is residing within me at the genetic levels.

I have lost touch with myself. Myself.. who am I? no idea, what do I like? no
idea, what are my likes and dislikes? no idea, I have lost my personality. I have lost myself. I know more about others than about me. I do not exist. Others see me, but I cant see myself.

Have you seen the Pretender? I am something like that. I adapt myself to a
particular profession or personality to get my work done. What is that thing I am
working for or what am I aiming for? no idea, I just need a reason to lie. Just a
reason. I am addicted to it. It is a spiral vacuuum that has sucked me in.

Well, now I have paid my price. And I am here.

But seriously God, I have sinned, and I feel guilty and sorry for that…. And this
is my last lie.

-Rob Squire


Lights gradually brighten, revealing his orange jumpsuits and prison cell. He stands
up, bows and gets a standing ovation from the audience.

While driving back home, he thinks “atleast Rob got a chance to say it out loud.
Will I?” just when he gets a call regarding the role for a psych-thriller movie
project. He shrugs his shoulders and moves on saying “All part of an actor’s
life.. ya right..”

I love you

June 23, 2007

I was always smitten by the advertising bug and was wondering if I could put some random ideas here. So here goes my first one.

My friend (also my senior) was looking for some rather creative ways to gift his valentine and came up with this plan to give her a photo album based calendar (12 pics of the couple, 1 for every month). The cover image was bland and badly needed a tag line. He asked me for suggestions and I came up with this pic/caption as the final product. (Image changed for privacy concerns, yet retaining the theme).


I love you

The next page had just the three “revered” words.

Potential avenues of use: greeting cards, gift shops, jewelry, etc.

You didn’t know about the cheesy side of me, na? BTW they are getting married soon, and promised to name their child after me (I threatened to kidnap the kid if they didn’t).

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