Hi! my name is Pavan kumar. Presented here is some stuff that I think of, and sometimes not, things I talk about, and things I cant talk about.

If things (posts) seem to follow a random pattern, it is because I suffer from DAF (Directed Attention Fatigue). When I am distracted, I am here.

Questions? Comments? Call 1-900-PAVAN ($3.99/min + taxes, must be 18+, my extension is “420”) or feel free to drop in a line here, or you could also send your love letters via pigeons. For fastest response, contact me via telepathy by chanting “om” with your eyes closed.


“window to infinity” (a pic I took at Arizona-crater) Larger pic –>here<–



5 Responses to “who am I?”

  1. shub Says:

    superb pic that! 🙂 I really love it!

  2. DesiGirl Says:

    Hello Pavan,
    Thanks for taking time out to read my blog. When are you due to graduate? Best of luck – may you land a plum job which gives you loads of free time to blog!!!

  3. Cinamon Says:

    Awesome Pic….

  4. Xuxin Says:

    Fascinating picture!

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