love is in the air! quick, get a room freshener

September 16, 2008

As December approaches, Shehnaian can be heard from so far (and so loud) that even Ustad Bismillah Khan would have thought of taking a break.

Welcome to (arranged-cum-love) marriage season.

Atleast 4 of my friends (that I know of) are getting distant from me, and I couldnt be happier- not for them, thats secondary, but primarily for the bad-boy bachelor image (~ Salman Khan or George Clooney?) that it gives me. This is that threshold age when one can afford to be a bachelor, not become a social outcast, and yet have an air of mystery before people start casting doubts about the real reason (even if there are none). Henceforth trips to India would be heavily scrutinized under microscope with lots of fact checking- which means checking orkut albums for pics and change in status.

Boy, is it fun? One friend has already laid out rules that I am not supposed to hang out with him (and his wife in a few months) unless I bring company, to which I asked if split-personality would count. I am slowly running out of places to crash at.

With due apologies, but it seriously is boring spending time with couples. Can’t blame them as it is supposed to be the curriculum that everybody tends to stick to, but things get monotomous, expectable, and outright sloooow. No more impromptu decisions, no thrills, defintion of fun is watching a movie whose tickets were purchased 2 weeks before. As Flavors movie had summarized, Sunday morning is temple time, followed by desi food, then evening Walmart shopping and night laundry. Saturday, there is this occasional telugu movie, provided Jeevi@idlebrain gave a good review, and weekend calls start in alphabetical order, with exceptions made for calls to India. Rules of the game- questions should revolve around how the job/wife/market is, before ending with “when India trip?”.

Not that any of the above is bad or wrong, but maybe there is time, and then, to each his own. Till then, cue song- “Bachna ae haseeno, lo mein aa gaya“.


6 Responses to “love is in the air! quick, get a room freshener”

  1. rads Says:

    Pavan: Sad no? I donno why folks get into that rut so quickly. Well, I shouldn’t be talking I guess.. but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t agree either.

    Stay clear from this whole maze. Really. Enjoy! If anyone is bothering you send them to me, lesson peekutha! πŸ˜›

  2. LOL! May be the title should be changed to ‘…..get a groom freshener’ πŸ˜›
    Anyway, abt hanging out with couples, not just married but also dating, I agree with you, it is soo boring. While the married ones can’t get along with each other the dating couples can’t get by without each other! Baah! The grief stricken husband lectures the bachelor on ‘why one shouldn’t get married’ while the boyfriend preaches the single guy on ‘how being in a relationship makes you more focused’! Can’t stand either!

  3. Pavan Says:

    [rads] not all are boring kind (atleast they werent before, but circumstances, boley to hooking-up made them so).. well, for instance you do bring out the 4th kid (in you) πŸ™‚ so there is hope for others

    [sthitapragnya] groom freshner is sometimes called as “broomstick” πŸ™‚

    you are right, its hard to deal with both the groups, but making them realize that our no-strings-attached situation equals greener pastures is fun too

    PS: I had to ask this, what does sthitapragnya mean? From my definition, if google doesnt tell me, it doesnt exist πŸ˜€

  4. Aah! The million dollar question! Well, ‘sthitapragnya’ is the ideal human being described by Mr. Repalle Krishnamurti in His divine song which is popular by the name ‘Bhagavadgita’, in the second chapter. ‘Sthitapragnya’ is one who transcends the material world, someone with steady wisdom and a stable mind. Sthita – stable, unwavering, pragnya – consciousness (of the Supreme). But don’t worry, I’m not the babaji types sporting a holier-than-thou attitude who goes around preaching. I’m as mundane and materialistic as a decadent animal! I’m hardly the kind of person the word describes! I’m 24 for Mr. Repalle Krishnamurti’s sakes! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ My mind does sometimes hazard a jaunt to the spiritual realm though, but it’s not afflictive. There, I hope that answers your question without you toiling over it on google! πŸ˜€ And yea, it does exist, look closely! ;P But please call me ‘Karthik’, coz my moniker has been subject to objectionable morphs by some people!

  5. Madhuri Says:

    hey a nice blog and a good post…….

    “”””” but making them realize that our no-strings-attached situation equals greener pastures is fun too””””””

    I like that statement……well I had told many of my friends that getting commited is not the sole blissful state that exits but well everyone of my friends did end up getting committed…..time moved on and they got married too….not to blame them though……..

    But yeah addressing the topic and the comments I could say marriage is not a routine phase of life……U have ur own fun and u can make it enjoyable…….and u can still stay in touch with ur friends if u make it possible. Being married myself I woud say it is “Definitely not a slow life…..Lot of responsibilities end up on you…..”

    “””””””””””””””Not that any of the above is bad or wrong, but maybe there is time, and then, to each his own.””””””””””””

    My opinion is u r a student and u r in the most care-free life today…..All I can say is enjoy it fully while it lasts…..

  6. zenlike Says:

    i totally understand the feeling πŸ˜›

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