Rapper son-in-law

August 24, 2008

Why is a rapper a perfect son-in-law, in the eyes of the desi father-in-law?

  • Bling bling- If the rapper himself is that much into gold and diamonds, then imagine how he would bestow jewelry on the daughter! And if he can afford all that, he is definitely doing good, right?
  • Names- With creative names like SoulijaBoy (he is forever young), 50 cents (irrespective of the prevailing USD-INR conversion rates) and JayZ (so religious!), Venkat and Prasad sound uncle-like.
  • Men are usually not very expressive, but rappers are (their lyrics are extension of their life and experiences). So a sensitive and expressive man is always treasured. Though, we might have to keep away the explicit-versioned CD away.
  • He should be great with kids, esp. with songs like Candy Shop and Lollipop, right?

I should have done a rap-version of the above to improve my chances, but then, who cares?


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