a la carte

May 15, 2008

This might seem random, but it is how I ordered:

(*) Why do smokers go in groups (like women go to restrooms)? If one smoker asks another smoker to accompany, the person feels “obliged”.. strange, like doing a favor (to whom?).

On a related note, I guess they too have active and passive smoking: passive-smoking is smoking others’ cigs?

(*) Why cant we have baby-like concentrations? Kids and babies get immersed in what they are doing- it could be as deep as building something with lego or as abstract as staring at the sky. They dont care about the surroundings or the people and do it with full dedication and concentration till they get bored. Retaining such ability as adults is a great virtue.

(*) Arrogance and patience- these are two opposite traits and both need their space for a person to be balanced. When one of these increases, the other decreases and vice-versa.

This topic cropped up after some unique encounters/conversations with certain museum-piece desis. And that is when I feel I could just walk away like a baby without bothering about social norms.

(*) Phone conversations reach their closing time when more than 2 “what else”-s are uttered in one call, IMs end when more than 2 “hmmns” are typed consecutively, but does email communication stop when the purpose is served as a reply? should(nt) it be more formal and end with a thank you note?


8 Responses to “a la carte”

  1. Maverick Says:

    I like the phone conversations part, but i always get some guys who reply to ‘what else?’ with something other than ‘notthing much’ every time I ask them even if its the zillionth time. Hope they read this post and understand the true meaning of the phrase when u ask third time is tht u wanna hang up πŸ™‚

  2. shark Says:

    women going to restrooms is understandable… we generally do it to catch up on some juicy gossip which cannot be discussed in our cubicles πŸ˜‰
    But I see a “pair” in our office who IM first… and then go to the rest room together!!! They go together till the entrance and part ways (thank god) at the door. A more amazing part is that they come out at the same time!!! talk about synchronization!

  3. Veena Says:

    Right, many a times emails are very convinient .. and a thank you reply serves you as an ack as well to say, nothing more required from you.!

    You know what, if two mothers are talking over phone, the conversation never takes an end.. Its all about the kid, what it does, how etc., and the best reason to end the call is ‘Kid is up and crying’ πŸ™‚ howzzat?

  4. unconventionaldesi Says:

    It is so easy to write “BRB” and just cut off an email or chat. Phone conversations can be abruptly ended with “hey im getting another call” lol

  5. Pavan Says:

    [Maverick] wow, are your friends casted in Sex&City?

    [shark] amazing.. it is creepy and fishy

    [Veena] ha, that is for those with kids.. for the unmarried, people assume time is infinte

    [unc-desi] believable once, 2-3 times and it falls into a pattern and falls flat.. πŸ™‚

  6. rads Says:

    Pavan: where are you!? 😐

  7. There is something about the ‘brotherhood’ that smokers share! It is something like they need emotional support to smoke… at least that’s the way it looks…

  8. unconventionaldesi Says:

    Pavan – whr is the funny hat and pen? I have been waiting since May 15th. Hmmm

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