April 28, 2008

With today’s advent of info, it shouldnt surprise one when a conclusion or opinion is formed based on what has been relayed out by an individual.

Companies have PR for this specific reason where info is channelled through them, in a controlled manner, and hence conclusions can not run into n-dimensions.

When it comes to people, normal routines get recorded involuntarily, assumptions get made in the background. If 2 calls made at 6pm tell me that the person is in gym, it gets projected that weekedays 6pm is gym time and it should not surprise the other person when his call at 6pm would invoke a “no gym today?” from me. This was not intentional Sherlocking but a natural assumption.

Same is with online behavior: posts, IM, frequency, timings, moods become easier to guess, thanks to web 2.0 where these little indications are continously being streamed out to the world (or to the chosen few, whichever the case).

The only way this can be thwarted is by limiting the outflow of info; not by asking others to stop digesting it. Or by getting used to being okay to have the attention and conclusions thereof. Limited info has its pros and cons, and so does being an open book. The trade offs are what matter and it melts down to what the individual is comfortable with. How different is Sherlocking from body language? It isnt, they align and eventually converge.

Some audiences like being surprised, hence the revealing (of character or personality) is done in an episode manner: the reader/viewer/receiver is left with some unknown info “intentionally” to munch on or speculate about (and hence interest gets spiked) which is somewhat like slow seduction (which I havent experienced, but guessing that it would be like a movie getting buffered); whereas some want total transparency. If one goes with the total transparency school of relaying, then how can one *still* make it interesting and have the other side captivated?

The narration.

Sometimes, people do not come for the content but the style of presentation and this is some people’s forte.

These thoughts intrigue me and make me want to understand how communication can be made more effective.

PS: such philosophical ramblings stop me from getting back to my child-like silly behavior!


3 Responses to “Sherlocking”

  1. shark Says:

    liked the new look 🙂

    regarding the post.. whatever happened to surpises.. everything has become so predictable these days!

    In case you had noticed I was out for sometime and now I am back… FYI 😛

  2. sruthi Says:

    me too.. i mean..liked the new look.. a really cool one.

    Well… i feel like agreeing… but …then again.. theres always something very unexpected at every corner.. for there are impulsive people….

  3. mukesh Says:

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