March 21, 2008

Lately since a few days, I am sleep deprived (not the hardwork-wala sleep deprivity, but I cant get *any* proper sleep.. I literally count sheeps). And if at all I get a dream, it is like one of the K-serials where my 4-hr sleep consists of 3 hrs of the previous day’s activities as recap, 1/2 hr of commercial breaks and remaining 1/2 hour fighting with alarm clock for that “stretch the minute” sleeping contest.

When I explained this to my mom during a 1am call, she put on her Sherlock Holmes coat and asked me “Love aa?” to which I replied “chaa, Bru maa”. A tall glass of coffee is the main reason one wakes up, na?

PS: there is a coffee shop in Ireland that is aptly named Insomnia


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