my e-friend can (virtually) kick your real friend’s butt

March 5, 2008

I had some debate sessions of online friends vs. offline friends (or as some like to refer, real-life friends), and then this post happened.

Statuory Warning: She is my online friend and is a black belt in eKarate, an online course from, so be good to us.

So, how is my e-friend better than your r-friend (real-friend)? Here comes the deluge of bullets:

(*) My e-friend is always there for me, virtually 24×7. Our hi’s and sos get replied almost instanteously (via email or twitter or IM or umpteen other mediums) compared to your “missed calls” and “unreturned” calls to the personal cell numbers. tch tch..

(*) Real life friends only call or pay a visit when there is a need (obviuosly *their* need). My exhausted evenings are cheered by random “wanna frendsheep? baba blacksheep” scraps by total strangers. Beat that. The only thing they expect in return is “poking” (a Facebook term) or “Friend them” (yes friend is now a verb!)

(*) I can check out 20 (female) friends of any friend of mine at a time (when browser is full screen), can you do that in real life without a black eye?

(*) My efriends have charisma (radiated by their dynamic blog templates, avatars, etc.), an air of mystery (I am still trying to figure out their gender, as geek1980 is not that helpful), are non-judgemental (except on the issue of wordpress vs blogspot vs livejournal: WP bloggers rock).

(*) My efriends are concerned citizens: they sign petitions, forward chain emails and help me make money by clicking on my senses (adsense). I can see you turn your face away in shame.

There were a couple of more points which were washed away in a draft that is now irretrievable.

Now, if I were to explain these above *intelligent* arguments to somebody in real life, I would have been laughed at, but I anticipate to get some pats from you people (yes nancy1234, even you), so, here is my back.

Related: must-watch video by my e-friend Demetri

All sarcasm aside, I respect the online contacts as much as my real life contacts (or vice-versa). But isnt a person less judgemental of the other acquaintance when met online? ofcourse we tend to jump to conclusions, half-baked notions when met in real life in the first place, but doesnt online meeting try to bring out the “real” you *from inside* without any apprehensions? Just a thought.


4 Responses to “my e-friend can (virtually) kick your real friend’s butt”

  1. rads Says:

    yeayea, rushing home, will come back and answer 🙂

  2. rads Says:

    Read it again, and this is what I have to ask – What is real? With regards to our own self – is what we keep hidden real, or is what we show to the real tangible folks real, or better yet, are both real or both a part of the other?

    It seems complicated, but as long as we do’nt define reality and virtual the conventional way, we could get quite clear with how we behave. This definitely merits a post, just hope I get the time write one.

    lol@eyeing 20 girls at one shot. Yep, simultaneous flirting is not harmful for your health at all 🙂

  3. it does..I think…

  4. Madhu Says:

    That was a wonderful video that was shown. I liked it to the T. Well I would say it is good to be in networking sites and add all the friends whom you know from the past so that you can stay in touch with them. But I do not like the idea of befriending someone on the net and I have given it up after trying it once or twice.(well that once or twice was out of curiosity in those growing ages). There is an entire different attitude shown by the person on the net rather than what he/she is and after a few bitter experiences I would say I wouldnt want to venture social networking online. I have some of the best real friends who mean a world to me and who have moved out to parts of the world that I can still stay in touch via internet. But when u r getting introduced to a new person via internet..he/she mayb the most timid fellow, most unsocial fellow who do not want to face the world as it is and mask themselves and want to feel good by just chatting away on the net,rather facing the hard(can also be sweet) truths in life by socializing face to face.

    That would be my opinion. But on the whole your blog addresses very good issues.

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