suicidal leaves

February 21, 2008

Ever wondered if it just happens with you, but when you are driving, sometimes some “stray leaves” (considering none are left in this part of the year) run towards your car and try to commit suicide, as if not able to bear this chilling winter?

Now to make up for the above (disturbing) lines, let me present this amazing 10 min video: a reprise of Dr. Randy’s talk from the Oprah show.. the good news is he is still kicking alive after 6 months, this feb 15th

Full version of his talk can be found here and this is what his students did for him as a thank you (in 05)


4 Responses to “suicidal leaves”

  1. rads Says:

    whattt? You changed your look!! why why? I liked the old one better. This looks tooo, hmm.. plain? Especially for you ๐Ÿ˜›

    Will comment again after I watch and hear the post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Pavan Says:

    am working on the looks, dressing this site like a 10-yr old girl would dress her her barbie..

    that video is a glimpse of his detailed lecture.. he is a prof @ CMU, battling with cancer. truly inspirational and strong being in that position

  3. rads Says:

    That was fantastic Pavan. Thank you. Every once in a while we need to meet such folks, the radiators. Energising and to refocus on priorities.

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