January 29, 2008

I have been having this constant fear of Sundays since I can remember, it haunts me even today.

This is not fear of getting back to the routine mon-fri schedule (I do like what I do), but the lack of maturity to handle a wasteful Sunday. I sometimes wish that Saturday night’s sleep woke me to Monday morning (~Anukokunda oka roju?), or that Sunday was a working day. The phobia kicks in at about 3/4pm every Sunday, peaks during the 6-7pm interval and wades by 9/10pm. What is it, why does it come, what happens during those hours, I have no idea.. life just comes to a stand still. I am a walking zombie not able to comprehend whats happening, what to do. I have tried activities to keep myself busy but the disease has grown past me.

I was under the impression that it was just me unable to cope up with a sudden break from a scheduled routine, but last week I found that it is widespread. Phew! what a relief.

If you show any of the above signs, then all I can say is: welcome to the “I hate Sundays” club.


3 Responses to “Sunday-o-phobia”

  1. I am in! I absolutely freeze..its like another long week!!!! but then on mondays I know I have ‘entered’ the week…Sundays suck in short πŸ˜›

  2. rads Says:

    hehe, I can’t say I join the club, but I remember my sister going through such pangs, all coz she had to hop onto a train that evening back to her hostel.

    That said, Sunday afternoon is a lull. These days I like it though, for quite a few years my Sundays was one big mad rush. πŸ™‚

  3. Pavan Says:

    [i.l] good to know we arent alone πŸ™‚
    [rads] hmmn, bad that she she is/was “afflicted” with this, good that you can now empathize with me πŸ™‚

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