8 times me

January 25, 2008

These ‘about me‘ posts, tell-me-x-things-about tags, opening up posts and other such self-exploratory writings have brought me one step closer to becoming Narcissus. But, being a true Leo, I could go that extra mile and write one more (psst, Rads is next to my electric chair’s switch):

1) I just cant board a running bus. The times when I dont make it (which is usually the case), I shrug and say “that was a Leyland bus, I need a TATA bus for my level.. atleast”.

2) I eat weird food combinations: tomato pappu/dal with banana in curd rice, bru with corn flakes in milk, papad with curd rice, etc. How do you think Snickers, cocktails and Dr.Pepper came into existence? Thanks to experimentalists like us.

3) I love learning a new language. It fascinates me to interact with people in their language.. be it Hindi or Java.

4) I tend to use urls and/or brackets in almost every other sentence (except for the one above), and I truly wish these could be used while talking. Is there something similar to air quotes, like air brackets or air urls?

5) I love observing things and people (w/o being creepy) as a bystander, and trying to arrive at conclusions.

6) I like to goof around when I am bored: in India, I drove a friend’s Indica wearing my bike’s helmet (F-1 racing fever).. or whenever an airplane goes from above near Begumpet area and I am riding my bike there, I bend a bit (to avoid hitting my head), or when we have to sign a b’day card, I usually leave a thumbprint.

7) Due to #5, I am a great listener (I atleast act to be one).. an easy target for presenters to look (stare) at in conference presentation or class.

8) I believe that change is the only constant element in life (~evolution?), and have had my ‘I hate Ilayaraja’ phase to the current ‘Maestro rocks’ phase (side note: heard this amazing song?)


3 Responses to “8 times me”

  1. rads Says:

    o boy, electric chair eh? hehe, no wonder folks have stopped talking with me. I must look scary πŸ˜›

    2. weird combo? You eman you add Bru to cornflakes?:D If no, then it aint weird at all. btw, me too pappu/curd rice!

    3. Ok, nee pani ayipoyindi. Inka nunchi only telugu πŸ˜›

    4. hehe, I so use air quotes almost all the time!

    5. How do you do that> Without being creepy? πŸ˜›

    You too IR fan? :O

    Thanks a bunch for doing the tag. I am this close to betting you’d be the 1st and last one to do this tag. People take me that seriously! 😦

  2. Praveen Says:

    Hi Pavan..replied to ur post @ rads’s blog…kindly reply there πŸ™‚ good day.

  3. Praveen Says:

    Hey Pavan, this song isnt by Ilayaraja, its Deva..

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