jooth bole kauaa choomey

January 11, 2008

An innocent lie starts with a baby when she wants to save herself. Situation: Mom asks munni if she was the reason for the mess in the kitchen. Answer: no (with a smirk)

Observation: Lies arise out of rules, not to break them but to circumvent them.

Lies grow with age. Situation: Mom asks munna how many hours of tv did he watch that week and the answer is suspiciously single-digit.

Lies grow to encompass various fields. Situation: Dad asks how many people are ahead of chutki in the class test and the answer is instantaneously either 3 or 4.

Observation: This is for the ‘torn between good and bad’ kind, who want to do good, but feel compelled to get through things by hook or crook: the choice is obvious. Resumes are faked, profiles are generated, impressions are created.. what is perceived need not imply the truth.

When a kid lies, it is cute and funny, when a grown-up lies, it changes/affects lives. Exception being (as society puts it) unless it is done for the greater good. Krishna lied; it is okay to build something as sacred as a marriage on a foundation of 100 lies (a telugu saying).. etc.

Alas, lies and truth are not as obvious as black and white (which themselves arent obvious.. 0 and 1 are just the negation of each other in binary system).

Complex na? and you thought sqrt(-1) is complex?


3 Responses to “jooth bole kauaa choomey”

  1. rads Says:

    That’s why I LOVE gray. 🙂

  2. true!…as we grow we become smarter only to fool ourselves!! vicious circle!! 😛

  3. idaroga Says:

    This sheds some light on the upbringing of desi and videshi politicians

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