Option C

December 5, 2007

Usually, when there have been only 2 options (Ambassador or Fiat) and then a third option comes in broadening your choices (like Maruti), it is a welcome break for the consumers (or people in general). Not just the competition heats up, increasing efficiency from options A and B (as price breaks or better features etc for fear of losing market share) but also brings in new features to which they were unresponsive before.

Something similar struck me when I read this para at IBN live (link:http://ibnlive.com/news/chiranjeevi-set-to-launch-political-party/53631-8.html)

“The sources said he would float the party in January and it will provide a third alternative to the state’s ruling Congress and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP).”

I exclaimed ‘awesome’ (I aint a Chiru fan, but because we had a third option, that could be huge.. lets have CPI and TRS at the backburner for the moment). But that was short-lived when I read this para:

“He, however, was under pressure from Kapus to join politics to counter the Congress and TDP, dominated by the Reddy and Kamma communities respectively.”

Option C is not always good, when the founding reasons hold on to a weak point.


One Response to “Option C”

  1. Bhaanu` Says:

    India and Indian causes have been caught short by these multifarious (read coalition) governments, far too much vacillation over every issue and then they opt for insanity.

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