Notes from the diary of an observationalist

November 19, 2007

Scene at Taco Bell:Mom with 2 kids, kid1 and kid2 (kid2>kid1, by ~2 years). Kid1 announces at the top of his voice that he wants lemonade, to which kid2 acts all matured, smirks at his bro and acts calm and composed. Before I could think “how poised”, mom opens some freebie that came with kid-meal.. it turned out to be a pair of sunglasses.. those large welding-glass-type that even cover the chin, and Kid2 wasnt an exception.. he joined his bro and wore those specs and looked quite silly (but cute, before anybody declares me a reincarnation of Satan). This time, I was the ‘matured guy’ who looked at Kid2 and smirked.Just when everything was going fine, there entered the aunt (their mom’s sis), and she was hotttt (I ran out of any more spare t’s). I couldnt help and ended up ogling at her. After a couple of secs, I was caught by the mom. And she smirked at me. I could have waited a couple of mins more to see the circle-of-life being completed.. but nah.I tell you, sometimes it feels like being in a food chain.. nobody knows who is being predated by whom, or who is above whom in the pyramid of society πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Notes from the diary of an observationalist”

  1. Ok Says:

    Thats quite deep!

  2. some body Says:


    you confused me; i needed to re-read the whole post before i realized that this particular kid2 was older than kid1 [reminds me of the voyagers; you sure think like a rocket scientist] πŸ˜‰

    btw, it appears to me that kids mom was predated by kids dad. [rotfl at my own pj]

    – s.b.

    p.s.: if you don’t get pj, never mind!

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