November 9, 2007

question 1: If you want to transfer an executable file (to yourself, from one vintage system to another via email), or say a script that gmail thinks is unsafe because it can be executed and hence malicious, how do you achieve this? (there is always the USB alternative, but it was interesting trying to make gmail work for me)

Proceed as you would normally do, after it says the file cant be attached owing to security reasons, just save the message (As draft), get back to the other machine, dload the file from your draft.. tadaaa! (note: file uploading sites are *usually* filtered)

question 2: websense blocks as it falls under “freeware blah blah”, so how do you dload the google desktop search app?

go to tadaaa!

question 3: reading blogspot or wordpress is not allowed at some places, so how do I read w/o showing up in the n/w logs?

there are alternatives like etc etc proxies, but google reader literally covers you.. just subscribe to the particular feed and you are good. want to post to blogspot, wordpress or livejournal? just use gnome-blog-poster to post entries!

these are fairly obvious and before you say “duh”, wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Deepavali


6 Responses to “workarounds”

  1. Ganesh Nayak Says:

    Q1: What do you do if you have to send the mail to some one?

    Q3: For some blogs(like yours) feeds give only the start of the post. How then to access the entire post?

  2. Aditya Says:

    If you need to gain access to pretty much any web-page out there, and don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a proxy, here is an interesting workaround.

    Send an email to with the URL of the site you want to visit in the subject line. They will send you the web-page as an email.

    Another way would be to use a translation service, ensure that the ‘translate to’ option is English.

    Here is translated from Spanish to English using Google Translate:

    And here is CNN translated in the same way:

    Yeah, I know the primary language is Spanish, not English, but it still works.

  3. icyman Says:

    Q4: Any WA for IM’s /orkut ?

  4. Rohit Says:

    Q1: What do you do if you have to send the mail to some one?

    I think you can zip the file and send it. It is so simple.

  5. rambhai Says:

    ne work around for yahoo games ~~~i mean how to cheat in them~~any backdoors??

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