October 24, 2007

  • Lately, I have been spending more time on road than my bed. Some say I have a bright marathon-driving career, but those do not pay well. Anyways, Chicago is one of the worst places to drive, especially if you own a stick shift car. Driving it is like conducting an orchestra: one leg on (barely touching) the clutch, another on the accelerator, right hand on the gear, left hand on the steering, and God forbid someone calls or you want to check the map to see if you are lost.. I learnt driving on a gear vehicle but that was at a place where if I stop my car and park it in the middle of the road, no one would notice or care. Here, I totally feel like a villager-in-city type gavaadiya. Now I have previously driven on par (read bumper-to-bumper) with the localites in Chicago and LA (even added this to my resume.. its a feat, isnt it?), but that needs some getting used to now.
  • When you drive on highways, sign boards are there to help you, as in a rest area, or a gas station or motel, or speed limits, or radio station info for weather/traffic etc. Have you ever noticed some boards that tell you about an ‘Accident Investigation site’ within x miles? Seriously, how does that help me? Would I drive more cautiously because it is a study environment? If so, then am I not screwing around with their data? Unless I misunderstood, it really baffles me.
  • Have you watched Athidi? If not, then please do not. This theatre in Minneapolis charged me $12 and I asked them “is it that good?” to which I got the reply after 3 hours of grueling & torturous viewing. I am still waiting for a Mail-in-rebate. And oh, eagerly waiting for the movie: Saw IV.

None of the above paras are either thought provoking nor related in any way. Hopefully, posts that follow would make more sense.


3 Responses to “snippets”

  1. sudhakar Says:

    How did you dare to go to movie like Athidi which had such bad reviews. B/w, Did you watch “Happy Days” . You will enjoy it for sure.

  2. rads Says:

    hahaha, really, Athidi is that bad eh? Boy, what’s happening with Mahesh babu’s choices in movies.

    This is so a perfect rant and rave post according to me, have many on my blog. I don’t apologize 😛

  3. shark Says:

    so you moved to Chicago now? work?

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