Ghar ka khaana

October 19, 2007

Not sure if it is just me or you are with me on this, but lately desi food at desi restaurants is getting more than boring. Aajkal, I feel allergic to desi restaurants, and their “similar tasting” gravy base which is so signature-like. You know what? I have started liking my cooking. I am not that bad, but a chef eats anything except his own food. Not that I belong to the chef-class either, but you get the gist. This hatred was fuelled by my recent visit to the only desi restaurant in the 30+ miles vicinity. Saturday’s buffet was okay.. noted the menu items. Sunday, I thought of giving it a shot. The owner greeted over-enthusiastically. I learnt the reason: more than 60% of the items were a re-run.

PS: Now that we are talking of bad food, let me recommend some good (veggie) food. Some of the best food I *ever* had, and expecially worth trying in US are:

1) Saravana Bhavan, SFO: For grass grazing veggies like us, Saravana Bhavan is an oasis in this meat-infested desert. Their tiffins are better than their meals, but they live upto the reason why they dont expand much: consistent quality. Their Chennai branch is only physically away from here, but the taste and atmosphere is same.

2) Sameem Afghan Rest., STL: mamma mia, their food is out of this world. I was under the impression that it would be mostly kebabs and meat, but I had quite some delicious items to choose from. I dont remember any names to recommend, owing to my low RAM.



(*) Dont know what to term this (male PMS?), but has this ever bugged you: my car’s indicator flickers with a specific frequency.. when I see someone whose freq. matches with that of mine (at a signal for instance), I feel connected.. sometimes they are off by a beat, but still the freq. matches which is acceptable.. but what gets irritating is the difference in frequency. Silly? I agree.. not.

(*) Question: Now that we are past the 720kb(A:) and 1.44 MB floppy drives(B:) (which do not exist in most of today’s comps/laptops), why does MS still name the primary partition as C drive?


My exile from this place has a plethora of reasons. Atleast one of them is lack of internet and websense filtering. If this post goes through, then I am back with a bang.


9 Responses to “Ghar ka khaana”

  1. rads Says:

    ..and you are back with a bang πŸ™‚ Yay!

  2. anisha dutt Says:

    man kababs n meat literally got my mouth watering..! miss Indian food 😦

  3. Pavan Says:

    rads: *looks around* thanks.. πŸ™‚

    ad: miss desi food, in NJ? am I missing the dots?

  4. anisha Says:

    hey me not in NJ…I am in Missouri (mid-west)…college πŸ˜›

  5. shark Says:

    The food in Saravana Bhavan was way too spicy. Maybe it was just a bad day for us!

    Move to Dallas.. πŸ˜› There are simply too many Indian/Indian like restaurants and it will take really long for you to get tired of all of them …

  6. Shruti Says:

    Did you notice that every indian rest in US will have a spinach aloo sabji, chana masala in their lunch buffet. Probably these are the cheapest and quickest items to make.
    Every buffet has a kheer(which always has the burnt milk flavor)
    Also some sad gulab jamuns which are as hard as bricks.

  7. Srikanth Says:

    I cannot agree with you more.
    I am a kind of “experimental” grass eater, and just used to love to hate desi restaurants for the time I spent in the land of McD.

    If you are in South Bay of SFO, and like to experiment with food, Saravana Bhavan is not the one to be trying(I didnt like it as much. Limited experience with that place though)
    There is a Chinese Vegetarian restaurant in Milpitas (dont remember exact coordinates now)
    Another of my favorites is a salad restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes in Sunnyvale.

  8. Pavan Says:

    ad: Missouri? hmmn, dunno why I was under the impression you were an NJ-ite.. is it equally deserted as my place?

    shark: Dallas was not that appealing to me for some reason.. Texas in general. But if you vouch for the food, then I must rethink

    Shruti: all of them copy form the same paper πŸ˜€ and I have a sweet tooth, and they screw up the desert in a really bad way: the gulab jamuns are spongie.. gueey and too sweet (no one can eat more than one)

    Srikanth: sorry abt being mum in the comments section, just that I am devising new ways to beat the system here πŸ™‚ should figure out the commenting through websense.. ‘sweet tomatoes’ is one of the last places that are like Disneyland for us.. then there is its cousin ‘soup-n-salad’

  9. anisha Says:

    pavan: where r u?

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