how did you two meet?

July 6, 2007

Lately, I have been bumping into lot of desi couples. The first thing that shows hints of love-marriage (or love being the reason for their union, rather than the traditional arranged-turned-into love marrriage) is their PDA: they feed each other, they talk baby-ish, use excessively diabetic words like “honey” and “sugar”, and their talk is filled with cholesterol-filled ‘cheesy dialogues’. And I love to burst their bubble (e.g. guy: I wont eat till you eat, girl: I wont eat till you eat, me: awesome, so do I get all this food for myself?)

The first thing I ask them is how they met, so that I can maximize my chances. Answers are equally intriguing, and I am seriously not making these up:

Move aside get-togethers, bars and parties, book stores and coffee shops, schools and markets, here comes the internet.

Couple 1:

We met in a chat room”. Huh? Yes, Yahoo chat room. Can you believe that? Ok, I have been roaming in chat rooms since the birth of internet, from Arunachal Pradesh Singles’ to Zimbabwean Hotties’ chat rooms, and the only females interested in me are bots, males-posing-as-females, undercover FBI agents and friends playing pranks. I have absolutely no idea how cupid strikes in chat rooms. Shouldn’t one move away from internet and meet people outside anymore?

Couple 2

“Orkut is the reason we are together”. I kid you not. This couple met, fell in love and married after a brief Orkut “wanna frendsheep?” episode. Orkut’s main page says that I am connected to 61,087,463 people through x friends. Now 61 mln people out there, and what are the odds of me getting hooked up? Zilch. People at Orkut are mostly the journalistic sting-operation kind of friends that want to drill each other to death about “competition”, catching on to what “the friend is up to” and wondering why they haven’t heard from him since a long time. Well, here it is Sherlock: “you haven’t heard from xyz because he didn’t want you to..”.

But seriously, would it help if I join “I hate Barkha Dutt” community? who knows my life partner might be in “Tom and Jerry” community? or could it be the “Toyota Camry users” community?

Couple 3

“We caught the same flight and were going to the same destination, and thats how we ended up sharing the same path for the rest of our life”. Not exactly the same words, but you get the gist: Awwww.

Flight travel is rampant, and every time I fly, I share my row with either a baby who has both her hands in her nostrils digging up gold and asking me if she could have my window seat (ofcourse not!), or a desi woman yanking about her eldest son’s “1 crore rupees worth house in New Jersey”, her son-in-law’s “big position” in Microsoft and her grand kid winning 1st place in all-Texas-desis’ poem recital competition. Never has a Katrina Kaif woken me to ask if she could share the seat next to me, never did a female come running in an airport as I was about to board a flight (except for this one time, it actually happened.. I forgot to pay a female cashier at a coffee shop the exact amount and she came running to collect the remaining change, but that is different).

Wow, it surely is an eye-opener.


15 Responses to “how did you two meet?”

  1. jay Says:

    I have no comment….But I justed wanted to be the first one to comment….WoooHooo!

  2. Anisha Says:

    haha!:P…I am with you, I dont know how ppl get married after falling in love after chatting or whatever πŸ˜›

  3. Cinamon Says:

    Where is the TAG?

    Now, as the intial screaming is over… nice post as always. I met my man in the most common of all places.. not the bathroom silly but office. I hated him enough to marry him. πŸ˜›

    I have met someone who got married to a guy she met online.
    I have started chatting extensively, looking for a back-up as ol man’s getting ultra cranky these days.

  4. Aditya Says:

    great post mate… albeit after quite a while.

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Very true…
    Like “Yanking about her eldest son’s 1Cr rupee house in NJ”
    I could ignore them but I have encountered even bizzare questions

  6. shark Says:

    Irrespective of how they met, the PDA increases exponentially as soon as they land in US πŸ˜‰

  7. Pavan Says:

    Jay: πŸ™‚ welcome

    Anisha: not that it is wrong, but just little “off-beat” for me πŸ™‚

    Cinamon: working on it.. wow, so you two met in your office? bollywood movie istyle huh? πŸ™‚

    Aditya: thanks!

    Srikanth: oh, would be great to read/hear from you reg. that

    Shark: true, for them, life suddenly becomes a reality show being watched by millions.. sadly, one cant switch channel in this case

  8. The only females interested in me are bots . hahahahaha lol you are right when i started chatting first time i used to say hi to bots after every 2 minutes but after some time my friends told me that this is a bot they reply only one answers , just check my profile . lol

  9. mouna Says:

    nice digs on the ‘lessons of how to fall in love. was laughing the entire way thru’. πŸ˜€

  10. some body Says:


    “I forgot to pay a female cashier at a coffee shop the exact amount and she came running to collect the remaining change, but that is different”

    what was wrong with the female cashier? why ain’t you two married? opportunity rarely knocks twice! πŸ˜‰

    – s.b.

  11. Vasuki Says:

    Haha…very hilarious!
    I had been thinking on the same topic…the more close you are to the technology, the lesser are your chances of being chosen by the cupid!

  12. krupa Says:

    I married my colleague…and we suffer from none of the symptoms you have described…may be, I should kick my husband n ask him to call me “honey”!;)

    Btw,I wonder whether these couples call each other “honey” coz they think that’s what loving couples ought to do…or do they really mean it?

  13. rads Says:

    lol@cheesy PDA πŸ™‚

    In a state of drunken chatter, the husband cribbed about point #3 profusely.

    I tell him even now to please keep trying, knowing fully well, he’d share seats with all of theabove mentioned.
    Ok, I should stop commenting, this is my 3rd this evening! :O

  14. Pavan Says:

    rads: welcome! yes, but the third is more filmy, hence, more interesting na? and please feel free to express yourself here as long as it isnt attacking me πŸ˜‰

  15. abhi Says:

    Funnily enough, I managed to relate to all 3 couples πŸ˜› … I must be leading an exceptional life.

    I have been working abroad in a country which has a dearth of single Indian females for past several years. And considering that the local populace is not very big on learning english, and I have shown a remarkable talent at *not* being able to absorb much of the local lingua… so meeting elligible babes in real was not an option. And plus I never was much interested in having a “firang gf” for the sake of it πŸ˜›

    So anyhow… met “gf” #1 from this thing called microsoft comic chat years ago. The “Net” Gf#1 went on to have several real bfs and decided to keep me entertained with her exploits and conquests and we are best friends as of now πŸ˜›

    Was taking a flight after visiting India. A really gorgeous indian girl did indeed came running to join the queue at the immigration. We had a transit at hongkong and I ended up laughing at her for some antics the customs folks made her perform. Apparently she liked people who laughed at her and we ended up chatting for next 4 hours and listening to her childhood tales. She exchanged phone numbers and proposed to come and visit and stay with me for a few days on her next trip. I managed to successfully prevent my jaw from hitting the floor, and received an oscar for my awesome performance at pretending as if gorgeous babes came and stayed with me on a regular basis and it was all cool. Said gorgeous babe got told “are you out of your mind??” by her parents and sadly my fantasies were nipped in the bud … (oh come on! you would have fantasized too! so stop snickering! πŸ˜› )… So the lady kept telling me how much she liked me, and how our relationship would “never work out” (I had to still propose her or meet her again, or to even have a “relationship with her yet …but that was not important … what was relevant was it would never work out anyways! But apparently she had “special feelings” for me and would always remember me… even if it would “never work out” for us).

    gf#3 contacted me on a social network site, by firing off a e-mail to discuss my profile description in detail. There were tons of guys interested in her and apparently she still lacked a bf… so when I adviced her to go out and date a bit and give those guys a chance… she instantly decided I was the one for her, since I was not instantly interested in asking her out. So we went out for a year.

    gf#4 decided to distract me from work on a messenger…back in the days when it was not full with “can we have sex? do you have sex? when can we have sex?” folks. We went on to chat for next 4 years and she maintains that she would have never married “someone like me” and had no serious interest in me, and that i was “not her type at all” … so naturally we ended up dating when I was transferred to India for a year, and we ended up getting married after a year of seeing each other in real.

    so… met a girl in chatroom …check! met a pretty girl via a social network …check! met a gorgeous girl in flight …check! married a girl from chatting on a messenger…check! πŸ˜›

    Maybe you should have just interviewed me instead of 3 different couples πŸ˜›

    On the serious side, the marriage thing has worked out in an awesome way. Ofcourse I would have never married my wife just based on our chats, but the 4 years of chatting long-distance did set up the stage for dating in real for a year…. which lead to our marriage.

    My wife ofcourse now insists on never letting me chat anymore or go on any flights without her.

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