I love you

June 23, 2007

I was always smitten by the advertising bug and was wondering if I could put some random ideas here. So here goes my first one.

My friend (also my senior) was looking for some rather creative ways to gift his valentine and came up with this plan to give her a photo album based calendar (12 pics of the couple, 1 for every month). The cover image was bland and badly needed a tag line. He asked me for suggestions and I came up with this pic/caption as the final product. (Image changed for privacy concerns, yet retaining the theme).


I love you

The next page had just the three “revered” words.

Potential avenues of use: greeting cards, gift shops, jewelry, etc.

You didn’t know about the cheesy side of me, na? BTW they are getting married soon, and promised to name their child after me (I threatened to kidnap the kid if they didn’t).

pic credit


14 Responses to “I love you”

  1. Anisha Says:

    creative! u on the east or west coast?

  2. Aditya Says:


  3. shark Says:

    cool… so from when did Joey inspire you? (naming the kid after you!)

  4. cinamon Says:

    Nice one. So you kidnap kids.. as a hobby or for pocket money?

    Just kidding.. it was a beautiful idea. My respect for your creativity has gone up by one more notch.

  5. Pavan Says:

    Anisha: thanks, I am closer to east coast (though I cant smell the sea). How is NorthEast treating you?

    Aditya: shukriya

    Shark: naming the kid after a great person has been in our tradition since time immemorial πŸ™‚ btw plz convey my “How you doing?” to mini-Shark πŸ˜›

    Cinamon: thanks.. πŸ™‚ I am greatly honoured

  6. icyman_11 Says:

    Looks like another Hitch in the making !!

  7. Cinamon Says:

    You have been tagged —– and i would love to hear those 8 secrets


  8. Pavan Says:

    icyman: reminder to self, should never mix virtual life with real life πŸ™‚ lesson learnt by me

    Cinamon: *sigh* sure πŸ™‚

    reeta, p-p-and-p: welcome, and thanks!

  9. Shruti Says:

    Hi Dear,
    Love your creativity..really classic..

    TAke care

  10. Vasuki Says:

    Very creative!

  11. rads Says:

    That’s funny, I was so sure I’d commented on this earlier! 😐

    Either way, did you take teh picture, it captured a nice moment, though I’d shrink the words. The lesser the better – my 2 cents πŸ™‚

  12. […] none, while the blog gets “I love you” hits […]

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