come out come out, wherever you are

June 19, 2007

IM conversation:

friend1: hey friend, are you there?
after 5 mins….
friend2: yup, dude, I was about to ping you asking if you were there.. you too invi mode?
friend1: heheh, ya

Why does an IM conversation start like 2 blind people meeting in a park? Answer: Fear. Fear from what? Fear from bumping into “unwanted” people. Using the word ‘unwanted’ might be harsh, but it carries the meaning of chipku, boring, curious-society-wanting-to-know-every-detail type, your ex, ‘added to list because your brother/sister/mom asked me to‘ type, etc.

Nowadays, I rarely login to my a/c unless somebody calls me up or sends an email asking me to check my offlines.

All of the above become bearable before this thing that I want to rant about.

*during the “those old days” stage, wedding invitations were given personally, at your home
*switch to the “modern” age, invitations were sent via post, which makes sense, considering the vast distances and hundreds of relatives..
*the “internet” age where people check their inbox more frequently than their mailbox, invites were scanned and attached, and a generic mail was cc-ed to the ones near-and-dear, still meaningful, trying to keep up with times..

**the worst means of sending wedding invitation is via IM as offline. “Hey just to let you know that next month, I am getting married to Shreya, who worked in Shivaji as lead actress. The marriage is at Opera Hall, Hyderabad and hope you can make it. Don’t forget gifts ;)”. If you don’t deem it is worth *atleast* an email, how can you expect me to take it seriously?

what can I expect next, an invitation via SMS?


Paris Hilton says that she found God in jail. My question to her is this: under what charges was God inside?


6 Responses to “come out come out, wherever you are”

  1. Cinamon Says:

    Life has changed Pavan.. so much so that the post that adorns your blog would have been a page in your diary some years back.

    With everything new technology comes its share of evils, drwabacks, problems and a feeling of loss. But then, the world changes along with the need to make life more simpler and yet more complex.

    You are talking of inviations, people are getting married online and i am serious. People have gotten married over the phone as well. Imagine

    Bride: I do
    Bride: ???
    Groom: oh sorry, was DC. I do.

  2. Cinamon Says:

    And ans to your question: he was serving for he alone knows what, but his punishment was to share a cell with her.

  3. Pavan Says:

    Cinamon: married online? wow.. how do they accept gifts? Paypal linky? πŸ˜€ and on phone, it reminds me of the cingular ads with the “least few dropped calls” ad1 and ad2

    hehe, even Satan fears such a punishment πŸ™‚

  4. Cinamon Says:

    welll i did not look into the gifts bit. let me try and read up.

  5. shark Says:

    invites have already reached me over SMS. But then I don’t mind.. as long as I get an invite and inturn get good food, it’s fine with me!

    lol on the footnote.

  6. Anisha Says:

    hahahahahahaha! πŸ˜›

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