May 21, 2007

This marks the 100th post and 40,000+ views. Wow, that averages around 400 views/post(!), for those weak in math. Worst case scenario, lets take half of traffic driven by my over-enthusiasm and narcissistic attitude, still, 200 views per post is still alarming (i.e, after seeing the prevailing standards found at this place).

Keeping the modesty factor to rest, please allow me to thank you, yes, YOU, for subscribing to the feeds, for checking this place regularly, for having given me the opportunity to provide you with some entertainment (actually I pity your for being an outlet where I vent out). If you arent regular here, bad.. very bad.. I am going to write bad things about you, which would force you to read, and maybe even linkback to my post! Just saying, I would not mind hurting your puppy or disconnecting your internet, there are consequences..
Thanks to those who have made me the biggest authority on “arranged marriage interview” (source: Google), or for having bestowed the award of the most famousgulti” (again, thanks to Google which says I am the most hit gulti). I hope those searching for “pavan kumar” (google vouches me as pavan #1) reached the right place.

I regret for not having been able to cater to those who were searching for Sonali Bendre’s nude pics (yes those search terms have led some people here, thanks to certain search engines). Even if I had, I would never share them with you.. c’mon gimme a break. I mean she is married with kids, leave her alone you pervs.. she is *still* mine).

Back to reality, I have noticed people everywhere have slowed down to 1 post every yellow moon. Is this thing communicable? The trend is all over. Needs urgent fix.


7 Responses to “anniversary”

  1. shark Says:

    so the next post will be to declare your 101st post after some million years? :-p

  2. Cinamon Says:


    btw… you get so many hits coz we (masochists jerks with no spine) keep coming back to check if you have woken up from your slumber.

    congrats and keep the junk onwards and upwards:)


  3. Pavan Says:

    shark: ya right, look who is talking! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Cinamon: thanks, I shall empty the trash here as and when it comes to my trash-filled brain ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Cinamon Says:

    Pavan… u jolly well know that u dish out hillarious posts… so dont try to be modest..doesnt suit you :P. kidding.

    If it makes u feel any better.. i have 4 blogs on my fave list

    1. dilbert
    2. sidin
    3. confused
    4. pavan

  5. anishadutt Says:

    congrats…n plz continue wid ur awesome, mad, funny and irrestible posts!!!:P

  6. Pavan Says:

    cinamon, anisha: you people made my day. Now as promised, I shall release Cinamon’s puppy and Anisha’s brother from captivity ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. some body Says:

    pavangaru is the pavanguru of the indian cricket team. talks in terms of centuries, boundaries and sixes. learn to take a quick single once in a while, mate!

    congrats on the century.

    – s.b.

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