Gultspeak 2.0

May 5, 2007

Why are gults synonymous with the IT industry?

reminds me of this scene from the movie ‘Flavors’.. gult_boy meets gult_girl scene:

girl: so, which field are you in?
boy: guess?
girl: marines? biology? architecture?
boy: no silly, software professional

or in other words, Patel:motel::gult:IT

My childhood was unlike other gults, most of whom uttered their first words as “hello world” rather than “maa/amma” or “cinemaa”, nor was I made to write a compiler by scribbling in rice (for my annapraasam).

That doesnt disqualify me from the gult club, because like other gults, I can flirt with women by saying “you know what? I have a pretty long…. (pause) name.” Though my name was later shortened due to lack of space in application forms, but lets keep that aside, shall we? By the time the teacher took my attendance, half the class time was over. Tellers/cashiers safely say “I am not even going to *attempt* to pronounce your name” to which I retort “now you are being disrespectful, either say it properly or get me a discount”. When I abbreviate parts of my name , the initials are longer than all the degrees I have. Cant blame my name, as all the Gods had to be properly represented (or pleased).. I am an EOE, you see.

But I was told by a friend that my parents have a foresight with regards to my future in IT field.. yeah, it seems that having a long name works to my advantage. How? Well, when the resume floats around dice and among various recruiters, with requirements ranging from Assembly level programming to Parallel computing, it helps. One resume would be under one part of my name, another would use another part.. all redirecting to the same person: me. I knew I had multiple personalities, just never thought of bringing them out this way.

Speaking of names (I am on a verbal diarrhea), have you ever noticed that people are opposites of the characters/characteristics they were named after? Swetha is dark (far from being fair/shweth), Krishna is not at all a playboy from any angle and Ram is a big-time womanizer, Shanti is the most tensed female, Lakshmi borrows money (and is in financial troubles), Gaurav has inferiority complex, Namrata is the most foul-mouthed, Vinod has eternal sorrow shown on his face, Anmol isnt that precious when you have 3 of them in your school, Satya cheats a lot, Sukumar is a ruffian.. I could go on. But Pavan kumar is just like Hanuman.

BTW, this 1 month+ hiatus was inevitable, as I was cleaning up the closet, rearranging some things in life, closing (on the verge of) some chapters, waiting for a couple of CPRs.. and yeah, I had misplaced the enter-key of my laptop that barred me from posting πŸ™‚

close captions: tales-from-the-gym: my friend was bragging that he regularly goes to gym and on the stepper “I can climb 50 storeys” to which I asked *innocently* “wow, so what if you are really tired after that..? how do you come back from there?”. His ego instantly returned to the ground floor.


5 Responses to “Gultspeak 2.0”

  1. Anisha Dutt Says:

    lol…about the names mayb you are right…my neice’s name is Rishika, and she is a devil πŸ™‚

  2. shark Says:

    abbah finally you are back in action πŸ™‚

    if it took 1 month to clean a closet.. I don’t even want to imagine how long will you take to clean the house :-p

    P.S: Isn’t it amazing how I picked up the “clean” part in the whole of your name story….*ahem*

  3. Pavan Says:

    Anisha: hehe I told ya.. it is as if the kids grow up just to disprove the name.. I shall name my kid Ravana or Yama πŸ™‚

    shark: I know how you read posts/websites on your computer.. first wash the computer with warm water.. then put agarbathi for drying it, and then wear surgical gloves before hitting

    wow, you really remind me of my mom πŸ™‚ seriously..

  4. Nidhee Says:

    Its good to have u back. :-). cleaning the closet is at times more difficult than re-arranging life (especially if you are a woman). and u did both… u shud get presidential award for bravery beyond the call of duty.

  5. shark Says:

    Ah! Thank God I reminded you of your mom.. not your cleaning lady.. I am blessed *smile*!

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