December 21, 2006

What if Ramayana was to be made into a Hollywood movie? (It IS being made into a 100-cr Bolly blockbuster by Raj Kumar Santoshi). So, here is my take on ramayana, with due apologies to all the Gods and others involved with this epic, watching which I grew up:

This movie preview has been certified as “general (G)” by the MPAA overlords and can be viewed by all, including angels, demons and others.. ah, even kids.. though rated DG (Desi Guidance) for the complex twists and plots.. the movie comes with a manual for “angrezis/others”..

21st century Brahma presents,

a Mein-Samay-hoon production,

a Valmiki film,

ramayana, ram’s journey and his fight for dharma (no, not for the female “Dharma” from the sitcom Dharma & Greg, but the justice-wala meaning)….

**voice-over, the heavy voice that is common in trailers**

one boy, who was born lucky.. *snip, slick shot* one boy who had everything in life.. *snip, slick shot* one boy who grew into a fine man, found the love of his life, one man who “thought” he had everything until…. *snip, a couple of slick shots*

his own step-mom hatched an evil plan and got him and his group out of his own palace.. his wife got kidnapped, he got blamed for injustice…. *snip, a couple of slick shots*

does he return and get everything back that he had, does he get his wife back? does he get to meet his estranged wife and kids? this christmas, watch “ramayana” to find the answers to these questions.. a heart-warming tale of a prince who is GOD.. yes, (the) God..

movie opening at a temple theatre near you.. btw this is a looooong movie, so get your pillows and blankies

**voice-over ends**


featuring The-ultimate-star ‘Ram’ (Academy-TM award actor for his roles as Krishna, Vishnu, and Balaji), Sitadevi (Academy-TM actor for her role as Laxmi), Hanuman (who had made a guest appearance in Mahabharata), music and dances by Lord Shiva (he wasnt knighted by the Queen, he is THE lord), songs remixed by DJ Saraswati, vamp dances (item-numbers) by Rambha, Menaka, Urvasi and troop, casting by Brahma (C.S.A), movie partly financed by Kubera Inc.

special thanks to Republic of SriLanka and UttarPradesh Govt., Ayodhya juntaa for shooting co-operation/help..

media sponsors: Narada Media Inc, special mention: Air-Ravana for transportation

based on a true incident, all characters in this movie are non-fictional, all resemblances to people immortal are purely intentional.. (this para is for the religious zealots)


7 Responses to “Ramayana”

  1. Raj Says:

    soooooooooooooo gooodddddddd!!!

    very nice post!!

  2. Mysorean Says:

    Good post Pavan! Had a good time laughing! πŸ™‚

  3. vin Says:

    he he he… like it a lot !!
    Narada media inc…. πŸ˜€

  4. Srikanth Says:

    Quite innovative…
    You deserve full credits for this creativity.

    but you missed credits to the 14 year shooting schedule down south. You will be blamed of “North-South” descrimination.
    Govts of AP, Chattisgarh(For the Dandakaranya where Ram stayed) Govt of Karnataka(Hampi is supposed to Kishkinda) and Govt of TN for the Rameswaram bridge.

  5. Pavan Says:

    [Raj,Mysorean,vin]-> thanks!

    [Srikanth]->thanks! you are quite right.. I aint an EOE πŸ˜‰ but seriously, it just slipped my (rather slippery) mind..

  6. shark Says:

    he..he.. that was a good one πŸ™‚

  7. pinastro Says:

    Hey Dude , it’s already been made and nobody except few like me have noticed it.

    Even the filmmakers have kept quite about this , just NOT to make this a big issue and to avoid Ban on the movie in India.

    Yes the movie is 10000 BC

    Read my blog for more comparisons and illustrations:

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