mind games

December 3, 2006

Have you ever.. okay rephrasing.. how many times have you fallen asleep (not completely) but kept hearing sounds from the outside world? And the brain, instead of waking you up, incorporates those sounds into your dreams? Say a knocking sound on the door, or a song being played in the next room, and next scene you are in Switzerland singing/dancing with Sonali Bendre or being visited by FBI knocking at your doors.. but in dreams ofcourse. Mind is peculiar, and it is interesting to see how it circumvents from being woken.

Now if this can happen with reality seeping into our dreams, why cant the reverse happen? I mean why cant dreams get incorporated into reality? Say you saw an event in your dream, and next day you start to believe that that event had occured in real. So, basically you have difficulty in differenciating b/w dreams and reality. Can it happen? Some reasearch from my side told me: “one can find cases where injuries to the medial pre-frontal cortex lead to a confusion of dreaming and reality. People with this injury feel like they are dreaming while waking or vice-versa”.

Now wouldnt that make an interesting script for a thriller? Say someone committed a crime, or saw a crime being committed, and vaguely remembers bits-n-pieces of it.. so now he tries to get to the reality.. ofcourse there are offshoots or wrong signals that get him away, but he has to filter them to get to the truth. If you ever see such a movie in the future, you know who was behind it (or has it already been made, and am I a tubelight?).


7 Responses to “mind games”

  1. Srikanth Says:

    Interesting thought…
    Will wait for that movie, and do send me a complimentary ticket πŸ™‚

  2. vin Says:

    hmm.. will make a intresting movie.. and i will really appreicate the director who cud make it…
    Beautiful mind has little of what u mentioned, but ur idea is mindblowing…

    AM i dreaming that i m typing this comment or did i really type this comment ?? :-p

  3. shark Says:

    Be it dreams or reality.. everything is a big Maaya-Jaal…
    Ultimately all this is a big dream once you die.

    Anyway the movie sounds interesting… if you direct it, please make you you cast SRK and ME in it…;-)

    By the way, Karan-Arjun was kind of based on this concept na.. ok the only difference there was that the director went one step further and they could see their previous birth scenes in their dreams…

  4. Pavan Says:

    [Srikanth]: thanks, and definitely.. I shall reserve some tickets for the premiere!

    [Vin,Shark]: yes, the subject is complex, and probably not appealing to many.. but just fancying the limits mind can go to.. Beautiful Mind: yes, now that you have mentioned, this is kind of Schizhophrenia, but not like day-dreaming/imagination.. but actual dreams (while sleeping).. this is like that deja-vu feeling where one isnt sure where this scene was seen (but it was in dreams)..

    Karan Arjun is different.. but if I did make this movie (in 2987 A.D.), SRK is out and P is in πŸ˜‰ what say?

  5. some body Says:

    errr… like this one, pavan?

    check out sayesha’s pakistan trip story too… nice!

    – s.b.

  6. shark Says:

    2987? try 2016… please. After that I would be too old to even see… forget about dreams then!

    s.b: WOW! You sure are a blogging encyclopedia..:) You know the perfect links for all posts..:)

    pavan: Somebody already beat you to that idea.. here

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