November 6, 2006

Today, at Coffee shop:

Pavan: “one medium iced latte please, chocolate flavor”

New girl (pretty) across the counter: “hmmn, hot or cold?”

Pavan: “ahem, Iced latte is better when cold, I guess” thinking that hot iced latte could be something I need to try..

I was about to say “I do have such effect on pretty girls “, when she smiled “oh, hehee”, and said “It has been a tiring day, you see” to which I said “I thought so”.


4 Responses to “Kapi”

  1. vin Says:

    yes iced latte is better when cold… else it won’t be iced latte.. 🙂

  2. raka Says:

    You may want to learn Telugu reading for a break from computer work.
    Its an interesting time pass and is relatively easy also.

  3. vin Says:

    not back to blogging?? but keep commenting… ur comments r very witty :-)..

  4. Srikanth Says:

    Good. You find such interesting questions like in the popular “Tech Support questions of Microsoft” chain EMail.

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