that station, that train

November 2, 2006

Imagine this : You travel daily b/w station A & station B, and pass many other “chillar” stations in between. Stations A & B are those big-ass ones with many people and many things going around. The usual big-city chahal-pahal and stuff.

In short, life is fast-paced.

Now imagine that suddenly one day/evening, you are stranded at this small-time ‘station S’ that is in the route (because you missed a train or something broke down). You sit down and see those zooming trains pass by, those people and their fast-paced lives, and wonder how do stations like S survive? Do people even ackowledge the existence of such slow-yet-surviving places? That lonely old man sitting on the bench reading a newspaper, that occasional hawker going around trying to make a living.. that beggar waiting for “any” person to pass by and drop something in his hat, that restroom with broken/blinking lights, that platform which ends before it even begins.. the only things you hear at station S are passing-by trains and hustle of leaves.. it is THAT dead.

And suddenly a fast train stops momentarily to pick you up (!), to take you away from that still life..

I am currently stuck at such a station (S), and I am waiting for such a fast train to get me out..


5 Responses to “that station, that train”

  1. Jo Says:

    wow ! that was well written !
    I used to feel this way during the phase,when I was out of college and not yet into a job!

  2. icyman_11 Says:

    Dec has not arrived……. yet i see the atmosphere being influenced already!!!

  3. shub Says:

    between jobs, eh?

  4. hardu Says:

    Slow pace is good for a change but not for long. I can understand how you feel.. that exactly how I am feeling as well.

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Very well written.
    Is it metaphorical that you got stuck somewhere, or you really got stuck in a station?

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