Close encounter with an ‘encounter’

October 8, 2006

Friday was a slow day, atleast till evening 6:30 pm. And then..

I decided to go home, change and hit the badminton courts. I opened the exit door at the back of the department and saw a military style van (like U-Haul truck) standing in the middle of the road on my left. I suddenly sensed trouble. The atmosphere was exceptionally quiet. On the top of this van was a tanker like opening from which a soldier pointed a big gun towards me. As if this was not enough, there were 3 more policemen (though looked like soldiers) on either side of the van. 7 people were pointing these never-before-seen-BIG guns towards me. One guy shouted “Put your hands up.. I said put your hands up..

Did I have a choice? Initially I thought this was some movie shooting or smile-you-are-on-candid-camera kinda stuff. But within a split second I realised it wasnt the case where a hot anchor would come up and say “smile”. I obliged. I was asked to walk straight towards the truck with my hands in the air.  And as things would be, I suddenly felt a strong urge to scratch my back. Now it was a tough choice: my back or my life? ‘Coz if I moved my hands, I would have been writing this from up above. I resisted the urge after much thinking, The van on the road had a satellite dish (not for watching HBO but for satellite communication). As soon as I got near the van, one said “I got him, I got him” and asked me to put my hands on the truck’s wheels so that he could check me. I had nothing going in my head all this while (not unusual). All these ppl were still pointing guns to me while one guy checked me, and questioned about where I was coming from (bldg), what was my major, how long I was in the bldg. etc.

After searching (they missed the swiss-army knofe I had, hehe) me, they asked me to move behind a car in the nearby parking lot. I had barely murmurred “racial discrimination” when I saw a Chinese, two Americans, and an Egyptian standing in a line as if they were about to do some Bollywood dance step (with hands on the back of their head). In a minute, an officer came to us and revealed the secret:

“There was a guy who is on a run, he had shot a university police officer and hid in the engineering building! So we want to hunt him down and make sure everybody is safe..”

Me: “ok, did you guys have a description?”

Before he could answer, just then another group of students who exited the bldg. were given the same royal treatment. We were all asked to go to the nearby Wendy’s where many others like us were there. And then he jokingly said “it is a bad idea to be in the dept. on a friday evening” to which I said “try telling that to my prof.”

Our IDs were checked and SSN taken for cross-checking, and we were let off after the drama ended.


11 Responses to “Close encounter with an ‘encounter’”

  1. shark Says:

    ooooo that was an eventful friday evening! Nothing happens in this boring place of mine :(. Oh yes! I saw a begger in the signal for the first time in US… a cop came later and took him off…paavam…! That’s as exciting as it gets here… !

  2. vin Says:

    ha ha ha!! what an experince!! I am wondering what wud have been going on in ur mind…. As i read ur article i thot, u wud end with something like “I wokr up from my dream”.. 🙂

  3. Jo Says:

    cool…sounds so exciting..wud have been even more fun if they wud have caught that guy..filmi style..;-)
    Nothing so ever exicting happens here,even considering the fact that a cop stays in the apt below mine ! hmmrph..!

  4. Adi Says:

    Phew! That was close! We are glad to see you alive and blogging! 🙂

  5. some body Says:

    originally put it totally off-topic on a different blog. then thought, what the heck, i will put it here too. this is what you call a really close encounter!

    – s.b.

  6. some body Says:

    originally put it as a totally off-topic comment on a different blog. then thought, what the heck, i will put it here too. this is what you call a really close encounter!

    – s.b.

    p.s.: good that you escaped without any issue!

  7. shark Says:

    s.b: WOW@!!!! that train was REAL fast! Do we have such fast trains in India?
    Also I feel near the stations they are “supposed” to go slow na….

    All this happens when I am HERE struck with a begger episode for my entertainment damn!

  8. hardu Says:

    Wow! Sounds very exciting to me. I would have loved to experience it. Though I am sure that being in that position is not actually so nice in reality. 🙂

  9. Pavan Says:

    [shark] exciting things happen all the time, you just have to see things through that spl. lens.. come out of that cubicle (look who is talking!)

    [vin] 🙂 my humor has created that image of me.. cant blame! even I took some time to realise it wasnt a dream..

    [Jo] wow, a cop-next-door? hmmn btw that shooter for whom the whole drama took place was not nabbed!

    [s.b.] hey that was an awesome (not the right word) video.. I really fell in love with the site, shall chk it often

    my thoughts on the video: yes, I agree that that was a much closer shave than mine (and also Gillete Mach3).. but that couple were dumb and arrogant.. the guy saw the approaching train, and still ran before it (thrills?) and guess what? he left the girl behind (he didnt even look behind).. the girl was dumber.. she didnt even look on the left and blindly ran behind this guy.. it was good that once he reached a safe harbor, he pulled her just in the nick of time.. disturbing video, but as someone on the forums suggested there, a nice ad for IR.

    [Adi] thanks! I guess I have lotsa unfinished business here to stay for a while 😉

    [Hardu] I bet it is fun.. and something to narrate later 😉

  10. vin Says:

    Pavan: u do have a gr8 sense of humour!! 🙂

  11. shub Says:

    eeeks! would’ve scared the shit outta me!

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