September 21, 2006


Now that we started on a comic note (thanks to a comment at Slashdot and Yahoo comics), let us get to the serious picture: Cheating.

Reuters has this story today, where about 5300 grads in US and Canada were polled about cheating behaviour (in academic side, not spousal cheating) and the stats were highly inclined with Business grads being the most notorious!! Surprise! (as if..) with a staggering 56% people admitting to have done that. And compare that to Engineering grads with 54% (ahem, could we move on, please?)

[Edited on Ravi’s request, not that my views have changed, but still..]. The thoughts and comments resonate VERY much with what the study says towards the end (refer the ending of Reuters article):

“The typical comment is that what’s important is getting the job done. How you get it done is less important,” McCabe said. “You’ll have business students saying all I’m doing is emulating the behavior I’ll need when I get out in the real world.”

Hmmn, food for thought? or thought for food? (got the pun?) And these are our future bosses management peers. Beware, is the keyword. Adjust or perish.

Points to note: how many lied or were honest; lawyers lied less compared to engineers (huh?!!?); could this be generalised?


6 Responses to “Cheating”

  1. shark Says:

    Everybody cheats.. some in small way and some in big ways! Small cheating for fun is ok. Any cheating, as long as it does not hurt anybody else is also OK.
    But yes! managers cheating is not acceptible… They might succeed in the initial stages but truth always previals.

    K enough of this.. I am sleepy zzzzzz.

  2. vin Says:

    I belive we shud never tread any wrong path. But, soemtimes I do cheat if it doesn’t harm others. 🙂

  3. hardu Says:

    I guess as Shark says, cheating exists everywhere. But as long as it does not harm someone, it is okay.

  4. some body Says:

    “how many lied or were honest; lawyers lied less compared to engineers (huh?!!?); could this be generalised?”

    what if, let’s say, 50% of the lawyers admitted that they lied? maybe the other 50% just lied.

    – s.b.

  5. Adi Says:

    The rest of the engineers must have copied the answer of someone who said “I never cheat”! 😉

    During engg days, I used to copy royally [Pun intended] during our internals. But when it came to final exam, nothing doing. That’s why I used to get out of the examination hall within two hours most of the time. Otherwise, would have been tempted to copy! 😛

  6. gorrepati Says:

    Pointing fingers at friends in your blog just to make a point doesn’t seem right. Personally, I feel the post is in bad taste. Please modify it accordingly or remove it.

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