Souper Salad

September 8, 2006

This is what I observed: People working at fast food chains are obese, unhealthy and lack energy. They literally drag themselves from one counter to another, fake their smiles, seem as if they came to work straight from bed and seem very disinterested.

Contrast this with people working at health-conscious eateries like Souper Salad or Subway. They are fit, enthusiastic, full of energy, beaming with loads of genuine smiles.


I propose the “Feel-at-hometheory. I said theory, but it is close to being called Pavan’s axiom (TM).

When you are at any of these obese joints (McD, Wendy, etc.. hmmn did you notice they rhyme?), if you see healthy people (sexy babes and hunks) at the counters, would you buy food there? Nope, because you know what that food does to you (err make you fat, incase you didnt know), and these people, who sell junk food to us are NOT eating it themselves (how else that figure?). Hence, the drift between us (the customers) and them (the cashiers) increases (both physically, and otherwise). This is called the guilt factor. We dont want this. So if we see people who are fatter than us, who take 5 minutes to move from the cashier’s box to the soda fountain to serve us, and are at the serving end, it somehow makes us feel better, and help us forget the guilt of eating the junk food. This is the “I-wont-become-like-him/her” factor.

Same with Souper Salad: You made a conscious choice. You went there for health reasons. Unless the people there stand by that (by being fit), and show brimming health (not overflowing as with McD’s), you wont be compelled to eat there.

So, now let us ponder further. Who goes to Souper Salads? A 5-min sit-in would tell us the following classification:

  • Those who are really really obese (even by American standards) for whom every calorie counts, literally.
  • The older people, who cannot digest anything other than salads and soups.
  • Moms with their just-born babies: coz they have to get back to their “OMG, are you married?” look.
  • People like me.

Why was I there?

  • For a veggie, this is my last destination after I am bored with grazing in the campus lawn, eating at the mexican place and cooking.
  • It is near, very near.
  • I sometimes get possesed by a uber-health-freak demon
  • It is a buffet! and costs only $6! Eat-all-you-can! Store-all-you-can! I sometimes ruminate.
  • They have all kinds of soups and salads, some pizzas, cakes, icecreams, desserts (fruit salads), macaroni, etc..

It is a nice place. Give it a try, if you havent.

PS: I didnt mean to poke fun at obese


9 Responses to “Souper Salad”

  1. sunshine Says:

    good observations.. but i eat at both places.. wats that tell abt me i wonder…

    the times that i dont eat at subway is when i have meetings etc… and can’t have myself smelling like the place!!

  2. shark Says:

    I haven’t “analysed” as much as you about these places… But I LOVE eating in subway..
    But do I even have a choice? Vegetarianism has it’s own limitations!

  3. Jo Says:

    There is a similar place here called ‘Sweet Tomatoes'( S and me just love the place,but not for the same reasons as yours..;)

  4. Pavan Says:

    [sunshine] the only thing I can eat at McD is their Oreo’s ice-cream.. atleast Wendy’s has some “ghaas-foos”.. and ofcourse the fries

    and yeah, you are right about the smell that gets on to you for the rest of the day.

    [shark] when alone, observing is what I do!
    Try Sweet Tomatoes as Jo suggested.. nice place!

    [Jo] yup, I ate there too! They are better than Souper Salad! this is more prevelant in SW.. But at this stage, it might not fill satisfy your sudden hunger cravings, right?

    [rama] borrowing your comment here (which was in the previous post):

    Hey no way! That logic doesn’t quite make sense, what makes you say seeing good bods behind the counter at Mc. Donald’s or Wendy’s isn’t a good marketing ploy? I for one would be convinced that lard laden burger may not be such a bad thing after all:) Lol, here, the Subway folk look positvely scrawny, I guess they are living on lettuce and cold cuts..but I love Subway..yum..dammit, I am hungry nw

    frankly, It doesnt bother me if the bods on the other side of the counter are great or yuck.. I was trying to break the female psyche 🙂 guys go and eat anywhere if they get to see great bods 😀

  5. Adi Says:

    Well, never been to any of those places. Would a Saravana Bhavan qualify to a fast food chain?! 😉 I guess so..

  6. hardu Says:

    I like subway sandwiches but I wouldn’t eat too much of it for fear of putting on lot of calories.

  7. some body Says:


    if you pig out on ice cream, pizza, muffins, cakes, fruit salads etc., then how/why would your choice of salad joints/sweet tomatoes etc. help you keep tire off your mid-section?

    also, did you realize that the calorie count advertised by subway is only when you totally lay off cheese? cheese increases not only the calorific value but also the sodium content.

    disclaimer: i say all this, but am guilty of everyhing that i argue against above, i.e., hogging, truck tire, etc.


    fast food = after you fast for a couple of days then go for all-you-can-eat food.

    i guess that saravana bhavan will meet this criterion.

    – s.b.

  8. shark Says:

    hey! what happened to the new template? It was nice …:(

  9. Pavan Says:

    [Adi] Saravana Bhavan? sure! btw there is one in Cal.. grrr!

    [Hardu] Refer to s.b.’s calorie stats 🙂

    [s.b.] well, nice to see partner in crime 🙂 I do give in temptations as I tend to maintain the same awesome figure (read “fat tires”). I somehow “feel” myself to be fatter the next day of eating pizza!

    [shark] my bad habit: I was bored with it 😀 (given a chance, I would change the template every week, but that might sound girly, hmmn)

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