September 5, 2006

This winter is almost approaching, atleast in this part of the land. So, why the cribbing?

  • Waking up early in the morning becomes tough.
  • short/skimpy clothes not seen till next summer, sigh!
  • Couples keep themselves warm by holding hands, and what not (as if they are on honeymoon dammit), making singles go grrrr.., and singles keep themselves warm by drinking coffee! Some chase car-exhausts to keep themselves warm while I prefer staying in the microwave oven.
  • Eveybody looks fatter and gain a few pounds (thanks to layered clothing). Everybody is dressed up like an Eskimo.
  • Poeple stink! I mean, so what if it is a chilly morning? Please take bath. For others’ sake.
  • The city looks as if washed with Surf Excel (when it snows). The weather is gloomy, as if all are mourning for something. The Sun comes out reluctantly at 10 am and then vanishes before I can say “wow, sunlight atlast!”.
  • People put anti-freeze into their nostrils (ok, I made that up)
  • Sweat is something nobody remembers. Headache due to cold is something that everybody suffers from. Everybody has a clown-like red nose, with Niagara falls coming from each nostril. Pee-breaks take up a laaarge portion of the day.
  • One more reason to get lazy.. Gym? Oh it is sooo cold! Going out? c’mon, it gets darker by 6!
  • Hibernating polar bears: this is what everyone becomes. Meat-eaters rejoice, and grazing animals like me have a tough(er) time.

California rocks. Damn you Californians!


9 Responses to “Winters”

  1. shark Says:

    WOW!!! Fundoo template.. Nice 🙂

    I LOVE snow and cold weather… so I won’t agree with any of your points 😛

    Read my next post.. it will be counter argument for each of your points 😉

  2. hardu Says:

    Shark: Its easy for you to say that you like snow and cold weather as you have only experienced 1 winter. For 1 winter anything is nice. Experience a few years at a stretch and experience 8-9 months of cold at a stretch and then you will know.

    Pavan: I agree. I hate winters too. Its really annoying being layered with clothes.

  3. shark Says:

    @hardu: I agree I have experienced only 1 winter. But I have expereinced a LOT of summers. and I HATE them… I hate the sweaty feeling.. i hate it when you skin burns..!
    I would anyday prefer to put on few layers of clothes rather than remove everything off 😉

  4. Jo Says:

    I can but sympathaize with you for disliking winters.I love winters..I experienced one very cold snowy winter when I was in Boston and one not so snowy winter here in CA..loved both of them 🙂

  5. hardu Says:

    shark: After you experience a few cold winters, you will start appreciating the Sun and the heat. We crave for the sun here and are happy when we get to see the Sun. Its just that the other side of the grass is always green.

  6. sunshine Says:

    the end of summer… boo hooo!!!

  7. Pavan Says:

    [shark] thanks! waiting for your points 🙂

    [hardu, sunshine] great to see more people in this I-hate-winters-club 🙂

    [Jo] Cal winters are just right for a desi like us.. Cal is the closest thing to heaven 😀

  8. rama Says:

    Hey no way! That logic doesn’t quite make sense, what makes you say seeing good bods behind the counter at Mc. Donald’s or Wendy’s isn’t a good marketing ploy? I for one would be convinced that lard laden burger may not be such a bad thing after all:) Lol, here, the Subway folk look positvely scrawny, I guess they are living on lettuce and cold cuts..but I love Subway..yum..dammit, I am hungry nw

  9. Adi Says:

    What is winter? Huh?
    *With that innocent look*

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