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August 10, 2006

Today, I was at this Italian place for lunch. I had ordered my Veggie Calzone, and sitting there, I started watching people, their food and the usual chehal-pehal. Somehow I got reminded of my school days, and my 2-boxes “double decker” lunch. By school, I mean it covers even my XI and XII. Ah! I miss curd rice for lunch, the exchange of food that took place with friends, the barter system, the competition for the spicy food of that Punjabi kid, the sweets/murukku that this TamBram used to get everyday, this whole lunch thingie was a ritual we used to look forward to.. I mean our day started with asking mom “whats up for lunch”.

As we grew older, our ability to wait till lunch break weakened and we had completed our lunch by the 11 o’clock short break, and lunch breaks were productively spent either playing in the ground or stealing the girls’ lunch boxes. We considered both as sports.

Back to today: Suddenly, the female at the counter called in the speaker system “Spiderman, your order is ready”. Everybody paused for a moment, and laughed. I too laughed. Then I got up to the counter and took my Calzone. Flashback at cashier: “So, when your food is ready, by what name would you like to be called Sir?” to which I replied “Spiderman”. “Huh?” she asked susprised, and I replied “yes, Spiderman” I said mocking the Spiderman wrist movement. She said “you have a sense of humor” to which I said “no, believe me, I dont. I am just trying to make your job easier. You would have a tough time pronouncing my name as it is in the credit card”. Yes, last time when I was here and gave my name as Pavan, the guy spoke in the mic “Bavan, or Bavaaaan or Baaaaavan or Paaaban” or….”, before he ran out of the multiple choices, I had already walked from one end of the restaurant to this delivery counter.

So, next time you hear a wierd name being called at a restaurant, please dont laugh, and try to sympathise with him/her.


My other travails with my name


10 Responses to “my name”

  1. shark Says:

    Come on.. you are exaggerating.. If “Pavan” was that difficult… just imagine what would “Brahmanandam Dharmavarapu Subramanyam Yadireddy” be?????? πŸ˜‰

    By the way, People in India itself can’t pronounce my name properly… without atleast 3 trials (though I don’t assure they will be correct finallly!)

    I don’t expect Americans to even try πŸ˜‰

  2. Pavan Says:

    I dont say my name is difficult to pronounce, it is just that Americans find it difficult to get my name when I say it.. they HAVE to get the “P” confused with “B” and they stress at the wrong vowel. I have “never” met one who got it right at the first go! So, I thought of becoming the Spidey guy πŸ™‚ It was fun!

    btw, as regards to you, let me try within 3 trials πŸ˜€ what say?

  3. gorrepati Says:

    Pavan.. remember “Pablo”???

  4. Pavan Says:

    Ravi, oh yeah.. thats what I was refering to at the footprints

  5. hardu Says:

    If they can’t get your name in one go, I guess I can’t even dream of any of them getting mine! But why did you choose Spiderman and not anything else?

  6. shark Says:

    You are not in India, so no trails for you πŸ˜›

  7. shark Says:

    trails –> trials (typo!)

  8. Pavan Says:

    [hardu] because that was the movie that just popped in my head.. good that I didnt say “Kkrish”

    [shark] no probs πŸ™‚ “shark” works for now

  9. Srikanth Says:

    My first job interview in the US of A happened to be at Lucent, and the previous visits happened to be to client locations, who know me and my name.
    I am used to spell my name long like, S as in Sam, R as in Robert, I as in India….
    but this place, I was talking to some one else, and a security guard came to me and asked me, “you name please… I will get a temp access card for you”
    I just replied Srikanth, and he came back and asked me last name, and I told. He tried to repeat my last name couple of times with some difficulty, but I was in deep discussion with my “prospective manager” and I ignored these attempts, which I normally wouldnt.

    When I got the card, my citizenship changed(virtually)
    My name appears as Zrigandd Durabadir (Thats supposed to be me. Srikanth Turlapati)

  10. Pavan Says:

    hehe, Zrigandd Durabadir sounds like a Nigerian spammer πŸ˜‰

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