Peace! Live in harmony

July 28, 2006

Disclaimer: Masala news ahead, and dont get fooled by the title.. this isnt a sermon. Thus spake Swami Pavanananda.


Udit Narayan accepts he had a wife before he married
the ‘known-to-society-walee’ wife. She, being his second wife, reacted by saying that she has no problems with his first wife. Something to top it? Here it is: Quoting from the same source: She insisted that she had full knowledge of Udit’s first wife Ranjana before marrying him in 1982. Awwww, how cute!


Nagma, the South Indian actress, has been accepted by a Bhojpuri hero as his lover (and yes, he is married). Here is Sakshi’s take on this story. Quoting his wife’s reaction to Nagma’s affair with her husband (from the article):

My friends and family are aware of my relationship with Nagma. My wife has accepted Nagma as a beautiful part of my life. I don’t lie to my wife about her. She’s gracious enough to accept that there can be a special relationship between a man and woman outside marriage. I’m not the first nor the last married man to have an intimate relationship with another woman?,” he says.

My wife has full faith in me. And I’d never let her down. In fact she encourages me to sign films with Nagma. ‘Your friendship shows in your work,’ she says. My wife doesn’t think of Nagma as a home-breaker.”

It has been known to society that some people have/had chinna veedu/illu (or outhouse or lantern or petromax..). So, is polygamy back in fashion?

And see the attitude of both the guys, note the difference. Udit came out of the closet forcefully,
whereas the Bhojpuri guy came out willingly (not that his extra-marital affair is commendable).

But wow! Women in India are so forgiving!

In unrelated news, I read that Indian banks are against.. now pay attention to this.. they are ”..against outsourcing of services, affecting the operations in these banks across the country..” Is it funny, sad or OMG material? You decide.


Conan’s take on India: He said that if Manmohan Singh would be US visiting Bush.. after the talks, Bush would say to him: “.. and now that you are here, could you please see why my computer has been acting up?


11 Responses to “Peace! Live in harmony”

  1. apoorv Says:

    He He He,right man.Read these news in papers…
    Telugu filmmakers,after promoting polygamy for ages ,would happy watching it happening in real life.

  2. shark Says:

    Wow!! Women… surely are changing! It;s one thing to accept a person with a past… but it’s totally another thing to accept a person with a “present”!!!!
    I can’t understand why people thrive for “second-hand” stuff!!! when they can very well get super duper first hand stuff!

    Anyway humans! who can understand them!

  3. hardu Says:

    Pavan, getting new ideas in your head is it? 😉

  4. some body Says:


    at least conan did not say “bush said: ‘aah, now that you are here, let’s go dunkin donuts. i’ve been waiting to go there, just waiting for the right interpreter!'”

    at least people won’t need to change their religion to have more than one wife now! this culture change is similar to what the film stars wrought – now being a pre-marital kid is now a virtue – puraane zamaane men it used to be a swear word!

    what needs to be outsourced is the desi politician.


    he needs to have one before he can think in terms of more than one!

    – s.b.

  5. Pavan Says:

    [apporv] yes.. but was just wondering what if the trend gets reversed? a female with more than 1 partner? just wondering..

    [shark] I doubt anybody who is soooo accomodating.. something has to be fishy that we dont know

    [hardu] as s.b. pointed, if I had one, would I crave for more? 🙂

    [s.b.] welcome first! I guess I get your point when you refer to the 7-11/dunkin incident.. and yes, aajkal the politicians need to outsourced.. but to Hell.

  6. some body Says:


    but really, this is not all a new phenomenon – only the brazen ‘in your face’ is the mutant part. don’t forget the pioneering women of recent past: hema malini and neena “richards” gupta. and before that, didn’t shantaram (do aankhen baarah haath) also have multiple spouses?


    thank you.


    hey, that’s not what i meant (gotta admit that was funny though!).

    – s.b.

  7. hardu Says:

    s.b.: So are you getting new ideas from Pavan? I know that you have a wife. So you could think in terms of more. 😉

    Pavan: Good Luck in finding the first one. We will talk about the rest later!

  8. shark Says:

    sb: I am not talking about “having” extra affairs.. that’s been there as long as I can remember.
    I am talking about people so readily “accepting” it.. that’s the difference!

    pavan : Find one fast da… else see everyone will have fun at your expense ;-). But anyway after you find one, people will find other ways of having fun.. that’s different though 😉

  9. Suyog Says:

    Mmmmh! We are headed back to arya-samaj and all that. Sigh, I only wish this all had happened 20 years back, so that by now we would be implementing the 2000 year old deva-loka tribe policy: One for all – all for one. Sounds nice isn’t it… err.. umm maybe not.


  10. Jeet Says:

    Its my first visit to your site. After browsing for some time, I realized Pavan really has extra long funny bone in his body!! What about a carrer as a stand-up comedian a la Vir Das.

  11. i have so many funny bones in myself that is why i would love to be a comedian “-.

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