Aatma paramaatma

July 23, 2006

episode I:

Sunday afternoon, Pavan is in department. He suddenly shouts “Oh My God!”.

A burst of intense light is seen in the room, and then there somebody appears.

Aatma (Pavan): “Geez, who are you?”
Paramaatma: “Yeah right, is this some kinda joke? Didnt you just call me? or is this wrong address?” *checks His GPS navigator*
A: “Whaaat? Is this really you?”
P: “Nope, its my hologram. Ofcourse, so tell me, you called me?”
A: “OMG, I mean WOW.. I am so surprised.. wait a minute.. I have called you so many times before, but why didnt you meet me earlier?
P: I must have been in out of coverage area. You see.. sometimes signal is weak. *meanwhile, checks His cell for missed calls*
A: heh? what about June ending when I needed you badly?
P: Oh that? was busy watching FIFA.. totally cool wasnt it? ok, could you make that quick, child? I have to catch the LA flight in 20 minutes.
A: uhmm! sure.. I am confused.. about career, life and stuff.. could you help me unravel the mysteries..
P: “Just a minute dude” lifts his cell and talks “hey Krrish.. wassap man? ha.. yeah.. sure.. 9:30 Himalayas? special screening of Krrish-the-movie? he he kidding.. should be there.. cool.. chill.. laters.. ciao”
A: *awestruck* you talk this lingo?
P: totally.. this is in. So, have you made up your mind?
A: ok.. grad school sucks.. could you make it interesting? I am just 2/3 months away from being done, and it is increasingly getting painful..
P: tell me something new.. been there, done that
A: what?
P: yeah.. I did my higher studies under a Prof who was from Jesus’s school. thats where I picked up English. It sucks in school right now.. just put up with it, have patience and you should be good.. things would be fine. Trust me yaar.

A: and what about job? I am skeptical how the market is..
P: pfft.. you have to work your way up da.. just like I did.. have patience and be confident of yourself.. I could give a reco.. but stand up on your feet..
A: you seem so cool unlike the image I had in mind..
P: ok ok, my time is precious, anything else?
A: woww you have an iPod? which song are you playing?
P: “Right here right now, hip-hop mix..”
A: wow.. awesome.. I am out of words..
P: here take this dictionary..
A: haha, funny!
P: whaat? as if we dont have a sense of humor..
A: ok sorry if I offended.. but I didnt think you really had one.. ok tell me a joke..
P: hmmn let me think.. ok here it is: “What does Ravana go and say to Sita after Ramayana?” “kis muh se sorry bolun?” haha
A: hehe, nice.. but thats an old one..
P: I am not here for a stand-up comedy..
A: sorry
P: its ok.. what else?
A: anything about life, love, salvation?
P: you are a kid.. there is time for that..
A: you mean we could have another episode?
P: whatever you call it.. first things first.. clear your hands off the things long overdue.. then we could have a more introspective talk.. maybe I shall take Dushera long weekend off and go for drive with you.. what say?
A: thats totallyy awesomestttt..
P: deal? good.. ok have to catch the flight.. its about to take off.. have to buy some gifts for Laxmi.. in a week she has a big party you see..
A: oh, Laxmi puja? yeah yeah.. thanks for dropping by.. one more question.. is there anyway I could skip the music and avoid being put on hold and maybe get directly in touch with you over cell??
P: kiddo you are asking too much..
A: sorry! thanks anyways.. I appreciate
P: anytime.. vokay then tata!



3 Responses to “Aatma paramaatma”

  1. hardu Says:

    So sad that cell number nahi mila. Else I would have taken it from you. 😉

  2. shark Says:

    Super cool da… Next time when you meet him.. don’t think too much.. just ask him to get a Mercedes Benz for ME.. that’s straight forward ain’t it?

  3. Pavan Says:

    [hardu] I have the number (1-800-GOD-HELP) but the waiting time is too much.. 🙂

    [shark] Benz? hmmn.. I shall ask him to make me the CEO of Daimler-Chrysler and the Benz would be my gift, what say? 😀

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