Indian advertising

June 29, 2006

I was always amazed by Indian and European advertising companies for their infinite creativity. Here is a sample (courtesy:


This fantastic ad to discourage driving under influence is cool. Used by the Hotel Marriott in India for patrons of its popular nightclub “Enigma”, this ‘personal stamp ad’ listing the phone number of the local cab company proved to be so effective the idea is now being taken up by the Mumbai police and is being adopted by other clubs. Way to go!


7 Responses to “Indian advertising”

  1. shark Says:

    Great Ad!
    Basic question, if a person is “drunk” do you think he will be able to read what is stamped on his hand???

  2. Pavan Says:

    [shark] yup, it occured to me when I read that.. but I gve the benefit of doubt saying that it was aimed at people who would go till the stage of “2 shots short of being blacked out”.. maybe leaving them with enough time/sober state to call for help. It is about responsibility..

  3. Jo Says:

    nice try by the club owners, this encourages people to drink till their fill..ensures that their drinks get sold out and their patrons do return every night , now that they can get a ride anyways !!

  4. hardu Says:

    It can also be used by cab companies for advertisement. Really cool idea.

  5. Suyog Says:

    Interesting concept, only as the 1st commentor said – what abt drunk people hehe 😀

    I remember in Las Vegas, we were told at entry of club that we could have all that we want – and not worry abt going back home. It was “on” the club to send me home hehehe – now that is what i want 😀


  6. Apoorv Says:

    Hou,looks brilliant idea.even if few of them take cab with help of this number ,few accidents can be circumvented.

  7. I hope they continued doing this exercise after this particular shoot.

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