Freedom, free as in beer, or speech?

June 28, 2006

Freedom is the latest buzzword, be it FreeSoftware movement or women’s freedom. It is everywhere, and if the last time you remember listening to this word was in a deal/bargain, then please come step out of that cave. Yes, this is 2006 A.D.

Freedom has undergone lots of change, it has been incorporated into various facets of life, and has been embraced in various ways. Its biggest rival? Control.

Starting with Adam and Eve: they had the freedom to roam and eat freely (freely in the sense with freedom, they didnt have credit cards back then, else Adam would have left Eve) in the Garden except for the forbidden apple. This was a restriction, and they broke it. Hence, the instance freedom was born, its evil twin “control” was also born. Now how evil is this “control”/”restriction”?

Both are complimentary. Where there is freedom, “control” is born, and vice-versa. I am not going into the good vs. evil debate, but the “free vs control” struggle is quite common.

With great power comes responsibility”. Power gives you all the freedom to do anything, but then to retain that power, one has to be constrained in certain respects, so that he/she can bask in the glory of power.

Take for example, morals/ethics/(code of conduct) which were laid down (if I could say) long time back (when there was lots of freedom and things were going haywire), have since been broken, changed, and amended to suit one’s needs (or incorporated to suit today’s lifestyle, speaking diplomatically). The same could be said about religion (Vedanta is like open-source, maybe lil different). So what is wrong in that? Nothing wrong, as time changes, so do things, and also thoughts and mind, and values.. Remember? Survival of the fittest! But where does the praise stop and the rant begin, or the rant stops and praise begins, or in other words which is the border line? It is fluid in nature, and keeps changing like Bombay’s stock exchange. What was wrong ‘day before yesterday’, becomes “okay” yesterday, and “acceptable” today.. and “good” tommorow. This happens because of freedom, which is good, as things progress for the good and betterment. But due to the flexible nature of this, comes the evil twin: restrain. Societal restrain comes on the stage when its bro named ‘freedom’ does over-acting. Moral police? Maybe.

This post makes no sense, or maybe it does(!).. does this get tagged as “fully-faltoo” or “philosophy-think”? before I could delve any further.. my freedom time is over.. have to get back to work..

Footprints: I dont know what this scenario is the height of, but here it is:

“Yesterday I cut my finger.. dont ask me how, and it started bleeding a bit. I was waiting there.. waiting for my mommy to come and kiss the finger so that it would heal.. but long-distance medication doesnt work, so I wait for some girl to tear her costly pallu and tie that piece to my finger in pakka filmi ishtyle, forget pallu but no girl in sight.. but I see my roomie looking at my finger.. as if wanting to savor it like a hungry Dracula! blood dripping finger? yummy, where is the pepper can?


One Response to “Freedom, free as in beer, or speech?”

  1. I think conscience is the limiting factor for the freedom. But again I guess the conscience is the pupil of society…..I think we can practice freedom up to an extent after which we can not be unapologetic now matter how much we try….well that’s the boundary i guess….

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