N-R-I: Never returning Indian?

June 22, 2006

I thought that being an ABCD (Andhra Born Confused Desi) was tough.. but watch this video (playback time: ~7 mins) about Canada Born Confused Desis.. Is it scary? Yes! Is it funny? Yes.. Is it thought-provoking? Yes!!


Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it. — Tallulah Bankhead


8 Responses to “N-R-I: Never returning Indian?”

  1. shark Says:

    I didn’t find it funny at all… ūüė¶ I found it very irritating!
    OK. I have nothing against the NRIs. If they are happy outside India.. so be it! Nobody is stopping them..
    But being there and ridiculing India is WRONG!
    Who are they to say what is good and what is bad about India?… they are no way connected to it!
    If they can’t do anything about improving India they might as well not comment about it!
    Those children.. I am shocked beyond words! They want to change their names becasue it sounds so “Indian”! and make someone wear a saree as a “punishment”!!! bhaah!!!!

  2. The footprint was great. The quote somehow fitted and answered some unexplainable confusion that I was having…..

  3. and I have no comments on the video

  4. Pavan Says:

    [shark] I agree, it was more disturbing and thought provoking than being funny.. esp the kids’ point of view/thinking was scary! but the grown-up’s reasoning was good, like Poo getting teased, the accent.. these kids havent seen how it is to be a desi among desis, and probably that scares them.. but then we havent seen how it is to be them..

    [GI] glad the footprint quote I used cleared your confusion..

  5. Rocky Says:

    These comments are not funny. they are stupid however these poor guys are in no fault, their parents are faulty ones. I would say they are a..h….

  6. shark Says:

    Yes agreed that we haven’t seen how it is to be like them… but it’s their own choice to live among “pardesis” right?
    No.. Not the childrens’ fault but as Rocky pointed out it’s the parents fault (or whatever you call it).
    If they chose to live outside India, they obviosuly have to strive hard to “blend” among these people.. for that India is NOT to be blamed for!
    They asked for it and they get it!

    And coming to people teasing.. come on… children get teased even in India.. “All” names turn out to be something funny later.. I mean that’s how children are.. they are just having fun. But parents should “educate” their children that this is all just part and parcel of school life.. and for that there is no need to be ashamed of being an Indian… ūüė¶

  7. Pavan Says:

    [Rocky] thanks for throwing some light.. you hit the nail!

    [shark] true, “yatha raja, tatha praja”.. if the parents imbibe morals and better thought system into their (kids’) young minds.. it wouldnt have been so disturbing.. but it is “kewl”¬†for¬†abcd(s) to ridicule India you see.. (like Mr. P, of your office).. sigh!¬†some¬†people¬†prefer¬†to¬†alienate¬†themselves¬†from¬†anything
    remotely Indian, which is a conscious decision, and it is sad.

  8. Suyog Says:

    I think its more of parent’s fault; I often find that most desis who shift outside, try to blend in as much as possible, even forgoing their own identity. Eg: How many russians, israelis, europeans do you see trying to fake american accent, and how many desis do you find trying to fake it?

    That explains a lot why their children grow up to be like the ones in the video – the genesis of not being proud of their own identity finds its roots in their parents, who in society try to show off, but in their private lives, try to maintain that heritage. A hypocritic life at best I did say ūüôā

    I found the video, just as what I would expect hehe!


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