May 29, 2006

I generally reserve my right "not" to bark on such politically fuelled topics and usually refrain from commenting or writing about them. But I guess an article at mouthshut (fwded by a friend) was a good enough reason to type something. I would be summarizing the argument presented there, but I shall also try to clean some typos/mistakes that were there, edit and put in my 2 cents:

Private companies, like Wipro, were asked by the Government to embrace the Reservation demon and give it a big hug. But Mr. Aziz Premji and many others flatly refused to do so, citing "talent" as their primary criterion to maintain the quality of their services. Ofcourse, they arent looking for votes or other ulterior motives, and they cant sacrifice talent by admitting into their organization people on the basis of their background (ethnic, financial, caste etc reasons). They were given an ultimatum to respond back. This would be my (I speak on behalf of like-minded people) reply:

Government: You WILL reserve a portion of your (the private sector) jobs for the backward or scheduled classes. Inn papers pe sign karo..

Like when Amitabh was asked by Sashi Kapoor to sign, he responds:

Aziz Premji replies: "Sure, I shall sign, and so would all the pvt companies. But first..

YOU first sign on papers such that we have job reservations in all the fields.

First, sign such that there is reservation in our cricket team. We should have 30% reservation for players of OBC & SC/ST classes. Pehle, Cricket rules should be modified. The 'actual' boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player. The 4 runs hit by an OBC or SC/ST player should be considered as a 6 and a 6 should be treated as 8 runs. If any player (of Resv. sector) scores 60 runs, it should be considered as a century. We should ask ICC to make some new rules for our players so that bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar & Bret Lee should not bowl fast balls to our OBC or SC/ST player. Bowlers should NOT bowl at a speed more than 80 km per hour to these players. Any delivery above this speed should be treated No-ball. Or they could be given an extra chance to bat if they were out by the opponent (2nd life?). Also we should have reservation for such players in Olympics too. For instance, in the 100 meters race, an OBC or SC/ST player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters and wins the race.

Let there be reservation in ALL the fields. Let’s recruit SC/ST and OBC pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the ministers and politicians – that can really help the country. Ensure that only SC/ST or OBC doctors do the operations for our patriotic ministers and other politicians.

Phir, your honor, phir mein inn papers pe sign karoonga..

The above argument(s) might be flawed (not that people from Resv. arent upto the mark or arent capable of doing their duty properly.. but things shouldnt stoop down to DENY admission to a more deserving candidate and give his/her seat to a person from Res. by SNATCHING the Open seat.. there are resv. right now.. let those figures stay.. dont INCREASE), but surely this above argument does try to get to the point in a subtle and humorous way. Whatever be the means (like this argument, or morcha on roads), the end result that many want is stopping this demon.. stopping the politicians form thrusting this rule on everybody. It is sad.. I read this somewhere(?): "Saale, Yeh Arjun Singh ke morning walk ka time pata karo re" (trnng 'Rang De Basanti'??)


Scientists say that 1 out of every 4 people is crazy.. check 3 of your friends, if they are ok, you're it.


5 Responses to “Reservation”

  1. hardu Says:

    Why should there be reservations? If they are financially background, then give them admissions at reduced fees. There is no need to give them seats with special reservations for them. As though the reservation in the Govt. services is not enough that they now want to add it to the private sector as well. Soon, we will have to change our caste to get a job/seat!!

  2. Jo Says:

    well said pavan, your’s is one of the very few ‘sensible’ posts I found on this topic!!

  3. shark Says:

    Is the idea behind reservations truly the upliftment of the downtrodden? na!!! It’s just vote bank gimmicks!
    Isn’t it obvious that the “actual” downtrodden will not even know of the existence of IITs and IIMs! Bechaare, they are in need of food water and shelter! Give them that first!
    ALso, by just reserving some seats and “letting them in” are we helping them at all? They have to live with that stigma that they were given an “easy-seat”! And infact if they haven’t got the best of the education before, can they cope up with the competition? NOPES!

    First we need to make the foundation strong! Give them world class primary education, food, shelter. Make them come to the level of any other general quota student and then see the results! Who needs reservations then!

  4. Pavan Says:

    [hardu] The very point of reservations is clearly “vote bank”. The Govt. had the intentions of having reserv. for only something like 50 years and then abolish once things are normal.. but it is a good point to get some mileage in politics which is sick.

    [Jo] Thanks..

    [shark] I totally agree. This whole mess makes the struggle of excelling in exams more insane.. and who is the most affected? the job market.. because they are left with narrower choices now. Its a sad state now and I am happy I was out of this!

  5. light Says:

    try to study the socio economic and political histories in India, go see, visit the slums, lower caste societies, try to understand.

    the Indian society has been scrwed up by caste system and several groups of people like dalits etc ( certains caste groups) have borne the major brunt and extraorodinary disabilities for centuries bcoz of that.

    Affirmative action came to correct the unfair ness in society resulting from caste system not the other way round.

    all groups/castes are equally talented. all truly educated and enlightened people do support affirmative action even with its imperfections.

    see the whole thing in all dimensions, have a mature perspective and stop having a herd mentality.

    And why dont we guys stop associating , networking in terms of caste ? while we are abroad , why do we need caste identity ?

    ajim premji himself is a beneficiary from Governmenatal policy and he is a dumb wit when it comes to schaolarly understanding and education.

    there are scores of companies who recruit their own caste people and promote based on that factor..why is that required ?

    If ignorant academic asses like you dont write these immature articles, a guy like me wont have to waste his time typing these words.

    I can guess, you will be attacking me personally.. in your comments..grow up guys.

    Inquire deep, understand, practice fairness in life and grow mature.

    I dont want to debate each point coz there is no end, but I do want to urge you all educated asses fight feudalism/feaudalist mindset ingrained in the Indian blood for a better and proud India in future. God bless you all!

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