Culture Vulture

May 8, 2006

I was in my university room, which I share with my American and Greek labmates (males). We were working on something important and crucial for the next NO-bell award winning technology (noon chit-chat aka bakbak). The conversation went something like this:

American: Hmmn, Me, my wife and kids would visit our parents this Christmas in Utah.
Greek: How often do you visit home?
American: Ahem.. lemme see.. I guess about once in 2 years
Greek: 2 years?!!? I would forget their faces if I did that. I visit my parents (in Greece) every Summer. What about you Pavaaaan (thats how he pronounces, even after a zillion corrections)?
Pavan: hmmnn. When circumstances are conducive.. ?!!?**me with confused expression**

This made me think, if you replaced any Indian/American/European in this scene with their respective characters, the conversation would have been pretty much the same. Aint I right?


3 Responses to “Culture Vulture”

  1. hardu Says:

    You would have said once in a month if someone paid for your airticket right? 😉

  2. Thats quite interesting.
    I have found Greeks to be very attached to their family.
    I know a guy here who goes whom every summer.
    Even the Eastern Europeans are.

  3. Suyog Says:

    Very true. Once every 2 years! Whoa – My folks would forget who I am if I didnt visit them sooner hehe!


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