Review: Darna Zaroori hai

May 3, 2006

Darna Zaroori hai, when translated using in-built Pavan translator, comes to "It is neccessary to fear".

Yesterday, I was asked by a good friend to accompany him to the movie. I was waiting to watch this movie, and never realised that it was released last Friday. In less than 10 minutes, I was in.

**Warning: This review contains spoilers, hence if you are either weak-hearted or have any intentions of watching the movie, please skip this post.**

The movie, on the whole, made me laugh and smile more than giving a thrilling jerk/surprise. It made me laugh, because people have inherent fear, it could be fear of anything.. but most (and I would say ALL) have fear embedded into them. The funny part is that 'that fear' frightens them or kills them because they get fooled by themselves. This might sound vague, but this might help:

The opening of the movie is simply too good. The first 10 minutes is worth the money you put on the ticket. RGV (or his story writer) must have been really creative to have thought of such a start. He even makes fun of his own movie (Darna Mana Hai). Ok, here goes the starting:

  • Sajid Khan directed this part: Manoj Pahwa, a very good actor, mostly comedy genre, plays the role of an Air-force one (bewarse, good-for-nothing, hawa pe ghoomta?) bekar fellow who spends his mom's money on eating, watching movies, and more movies and food. He never misses "Last day last show" of any movie. That night, it was 9:20, and he was about to leave to watch "Darna mana hai". His mom warns him not to go via the graveyard route (shortcut) because it was Friday the 13, and it was amavasya. They have a small conversation about a chudail who roams this special day, and he leaves after assuring her he would avoid that way. While going, he not only goes through the kabristaan, but also pisses on the peepal tree, mocks at the graves. After watching the movie, he returns the same way.. but this time he is a little afraid. The way doesnt look the same. It is past mid-night. He walks slowly and listens to the paayal sound. He thinks the chudail is following him, and runs. The payaal sounds gets faster, making him think she is following him. He stops, the sound stops. After some chase, he falls down with a stroke (shock) and while falling, sees a ghost. When he lands on the ground, he instantly dies. Then, Sajid Khan beautifully takes you through a series of scenes which tell the reality. **Digression: Somehow reminded me of this thriller I had penned** In the theatre, he had got lotsa change, and the cling of the coins made him think it was paayal, and the best part, the ghost is still shown by the camera. Then, slowly the camera is lowered.. It is a cut-out of an old female (spooky ofcourse) and below that are the words "Coming soon: darna zaroori hai".

The movie opens with a song featuring Nisha Kothari (RGV's choice of women ensure audiences from all classes, and err masses). The movie is about 5 children, who get lost after wandering in a forest. It gets dark, and rainy and hence they get into a house where they meet an old lady. They ask her if she isnt afraid to stay alone, and then she says that her servant has gone to the city to get her some medicines and should be back any minute.

One kid says that he isnt afraid (somehow the topic comes to this) and she takes them to a room upstairs and says that she would narrate 6 spine-chilling stories to scare them. "Darna Zaroori hai, beta".

Story 1:

RGV directs this episode starring AB (very good acting) and Ritesh Deshmukh (was wasted here). RD plays a student, whose prof AB believes that there is somebody present in his room who comes and goes. The student doesnt buy his claims, but then sees who it was. The emphasis on the mirror is very well done. But the story wasnt great.

Story 2:

Prawal Raman (director of Darna mana hai) has this 2nd episode starring Arjun Rampal, Bipasha Basu and Makrand Deshpande. Sometimes, the story gets on the nerves. And the ending was predictable. Arjun Rampal did a good job. Rest were passable.

NOTE: If you have watched the Nana Patekar and Vivek Oberoi episode of Darna Mana Hai, then you could guess the story of most of the stories (except the opening one and Anil Kapoor, I guess.)

Story 3:

Anil Kapoor is a movie-maker in this episode directed by Jijy Philips. He gives Mallika Sherawat lift till Khandala and there are fluctuations in this story, from scaring to joking to scaring to joking.. a nice attempt but nah.. didnt impress me. What impressed me was that Mallika did a good job.
Story 4:

I liked this episode (more than the rest) which is directed by J.D. Chakravarthy, with some awesome performances by Randeep Hooda and Zakir Hussain. It sounds a bit like Aahat stories, where people get possesed by aatma. The humor and acting are really really well done.

Story 5:

Vivek Shah directs this episode with not a great story line but some very good acting from Rajpal Yadav. He plays an insurance agent who visits a couple (Suniel Shetty and Sonali Kulkarni.. she looks amazing here.. amazing I tell ya). He creates suspicion, hate, and then sympathy. The ending was very odd for me initially. I wasnt sure if the couple and kid were ghosts (as somebody suggested) but the irony was good indeed.

The old lady stops here. In between, one by one the kids go downstairs to drink water/go to loo, and get killed. This brave kid (a boy, sole survivor) still says he isnt scared and asks about the 6th story. To this, she says the 6th story was told in the beginning: her servant has gone.. true.. but she is dead. All the kids are dead, and happily enjoying with this new grandma in the aatma lok. She died because the servant didnt get that medicine from city on time.

I was discussing this movie with my friend whom I accompanied and he too felt it the same way.. after watching DMH, DZH falls flat. Hey, but atleast its a nice attempt from the routine movies. When I reached home, I told my roomies:

I: Hey we watched DZH
Roomie: We?
I: Yeah we
Roomie: Dude, we? who is with you?
I: we.. me and m..y.. f..r..i..e..n..d..

I had watched a movie with myself. Yes, I am schizophrenic.


5 Responses to “Review: Darna Zaroori hai”

  1. hardu Says:

    I first contemplated if I should read the story but then realized that it might be months before I get the DVD anyway and hence decided to read it anyway. I really sounds like a comedy movie. I had found Darna Mana Hai extremely funny and could not help ROTFL.

  2. Pavan Says:

    Review at DC[Hardu] the movie is okay, but the attempt is worth appreciating

  3. Apoorv Says:

    backing off after reading your disclaimer 🙂 ,shall read it after watching the movie.

  4. venkat Says:

    jus like javed jafrey quips….ITS DIFFERENT….apart from this ..this film doesnt have anything worth mentioning!!ur concluding para cud become inspiration for another RGV story though…..!!!!

  5. himanshu Says:

    thanks man.i googled to find out if i could read the story before i watched the movie (it’s been sitting at home for a week — haven’t had the courage to se it yet !)
    knowing what to expect will make it easier…hopefully…

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