Damn media

May 3, 2006

By mistake, I checked Deccan Chronicle online newspaper. If you havent checked today's edition, then please refrain from doing so. I thought that it was really disgusting of them to have a frontpage photo of the daughters of Suryanarayana (who was beheaded by Taliban, supposedly) crying badly, and the relatives trying to pacify them.

Why the shit does media want to make money out of somebody's misery/tragedy? They reported about the death, the threats, the compensation, about everything.. fine. But do they have to stoop down to such low levels so as to take a picture of the poor kids crying? And how could the insane photographer take a picture at such moment? I know.. he has to sell his paper like hot cakes.. what more to do than take a few pics, huh?.. leave some people alone atleast during some moments.. what next can I expect? Amitabh's pic on mainpage taking a dump? WTF happened to privacy? Why wo they have to report about eveything, esp. the crying? Can't somethings be away from limelight and public attention? Wont anybody want to cry alone or with their near-n-dear? Who would like to cry before the lens? And what would one think when one is crying and sees that he/she is being photographed? BREAK the damn thing and kick the photographer's butt and rip his balls. What are they achieving? Gaining sympathy? No, you are selling our sympathy to them, and making money, which is WRONG.

My rant: "Leave people alone, and DONT make money out of somebody's misery. If you do, it will haunt you badly, and there would be more people laughing their asses of when you fall into one. Mark my words."

PS: I havent included the link or the picture for obvious reasons. Hope I get the message across.


5 Responses to “Damn media”

  1. Chetana Says:

    True. So true. After seeing your post, I couldn’t refrain from going to DC website.. and when I saw the pic, I totally agree with you. Not only DC even telugu newspaper Eenadu (online)(and every other newpapers, too, I guess) has a similar photo and a short story abt this. As you said, reporting something is different but trying to cash from such things with such kind of fotos, intrusions into their personal space are sadistic. They even write stories with all drama and suspense as if they are writing a movie screenplay not reporting something for a newspaper. I guess you have already read Aamir’s interview to tehelka on this topic. If not, http://www.tehelka.com/story_main17.asp?filename=hub040106Mainstream_CS.asp&id=1 .

  2. hardu Says:

    I agree.. Media isn’t doing its job well.. Just thinking in terms of publicity and money..

  3. Pavan Says:

    [Chetana] Didnt know about that interview. That was informative, thanks.

    [Hardu] Sigh! yup.

  4. Apoorv Says:

    Very true ,pavan. entire front page of Times was dedicated to narrating claim staked by Surya`s second wife on the money they are goign to receive.They even went to the extent of publishing snaps of his second marriage on front page.I never saw Times people falling to this pathetic level to milk money out of somebody`s death.

  5. shub Says:

    absolutely.its really pathetic how the media wants to sensationalise and make money out of people’s misery 😦

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