May 1, 2006

Yeah that's how I pronounced advertisement in my childhood. Well, I tried! Now, Could I get some babba plz? err I mean water?

I was watching the GEICO commercial for the millionth time on TV, while waiting for my order at a Dallas restaurant. That made me think about the Indian ads' scene on telly.

Here goes my BEST ads list:

  1. Fevicol: Pidilite's Fevicol ad is one of the best and most creative I have seen (was the agency O&M?). Some of them are: Fisherman catching fish using Fevicol, politician not leaving his chair/position, etc.
  2. Amul's billboards/ads on TV, about the recent controversy/news/movie. No one could miss it.
  3. Hamara Bajaj: "Yeh zameen hai aasman. Hamara aaj, hamara kal.." That song is too good. And the Indian-ness shown was s-i-m-p-l-y wow. The Bajaj scooter is the Indian middle-class family mascot carrying more than 4 people and it isnt any circus feat. It is affordable, easy on maintenance, sturdy, and stylish too. I actually saw many Bajajs in US. –>Link for ad<–
  4. Titan watches: **Titan music** The father-daughter love, the mom-son love, the wife-husband love.. **tears rolling** need I say more? Clever clever.. when you mix emotions/feelings with something materialistic, it sells! Well, and they are durable and fashionable.
  5. I think this is Surf Excel's ad. It is better to watch than to read my bad commentary. Isnt it awwww^n cute?
  6. Pepsi's kid-becomes-mahout-using-Pepsi-as-bait ad. –>Link for ad<–
  7. Airtel new ad which I came across in Google vids. –>Link for ad<–
  8. "Doodh doodh dodh doodh, doodh hai wonderful pi sakte hain roz glassful" – National Dairy Board.

Some funny ones I can't forget for whatever reasons:

  1. "Munna kyun ro raha hai? Arey Gudwars do na" This line is repeated by 4 generations and finalllllllllly the baby gets fed with that gripe water.
  2. "Arey Raju, tumharey daat to moti jaise chamak rahey hain. Kyun na ho master-jee, mein Dabur laal dant manjan jo istemaal karta hoon". Dabur laal dant manjan.
  3. Kaam ke bojh ka maara? Ise chahiye Cinkaara. Hamdard ka tonic, Cinkara.
  4. We used this ad to tease a friend who was sitting silently or would not divulge a secret. "Bol sakhi bol tera raaz kya hai? mala-d hai iska raaz. Pehannay walee ya khaaney walee?" It was zillion years later I realised what it was used for. It is a chocolcate for women, right?
  5. VIP Bonus underwear: just because he wore that red undie, he could save that girl from goons, and she ahem falls in love with him on seeing him in his undie. VIP: be my man (she said so).
  6. Aaj mere paas paisa hai, gaadi hai, ghar hai.. tere paas kya hai? mere paas maa hai, aur Rupa kee baniyaan.
  7. MTV's take on it: agar sab Rupa ke baniyan aur undie pehnengey, to Rupa kya pehnegee?

MOST Bugging ads:

  1. If you watch desi movies here, you know what I am talking about: "Arey Chintu ko tum nahain jaante? Chintu candeeeee" or "Arey itney udaas kyun ho? turant fon uthao aur dial karo **sing** 99223311-somethingsomething-  telefoooon telefooon" (Pak friendship line, not the 1-900 type I think, but still paid)
  2. All Coke ads
  3. Himani Navratna teil and Manickchand ads

BTW I am dying to see SRK's Lux ad. I want to see how funny it is (from what I heard). Anybody any links?


9 Responses to “ebberment”

  1. Jo Says:

    if you are talking about the SRK’s Lux ad which features Hema Malini,Sridevi,Karishma Kapoor..etc along with him,let me tell you it is not one bit funny…! Moreover it kinda gets on your nervous when it is played again and again, especially during the commercial breaks between cricket matches..!!

  2. Jo Says:

    talking about funny ads..Javed Jaffery & Pankaj Kapur’s Maggie Tomato Sauce ad series, was funny too… πŸ™‚

  3. hardu Says:

    One of my fav ads was the one in which the kid says “Mujhe koi pyaar nahi karta. Mein ghar chod kar chala jaoonga”.

  4. hardu Says:

    I had never seen that surf ad. That was soooooo cute. πŸ™‚

  5. Pavan Says:

    [Jo] he he yeah, the one in which he is in a bath tub, surrounded by pink curtains (if thats the one you were refering to).. yup I missed mentioning the Maggi Ketchup ad: its hot, its sweet, its both

    [Hardu] Yeah, the surf ad was a nice one.. And you were refering to Safola oil ad.. where the kid runs away from home (like I used to) and then his grandpa would get him back saying there were jalebis at home.

  6. hardu Says:

    What would you get whenever you used to run away from home? πŸ˜›

  7. Tripat Says:

    Do you ppl remember the adv. of Volform Tomato ketchup ‘Isme kaddu nahin bhara, lal peelay tamataro se hota hai tayar, volform’… LOLz
    and that Bajaj Lights ADv. ‘Jab main chota bachcha tha, badi shararat karta tha. Meri chori pakdi jaati, Jab roshni karta bajaj’…
    and ‘Bhaiya Laxman Sylvania Bulb dena, then something something is said by shopkeeper in praise of the bulb, and the the customer replies, fir ek nahi chey(6) dena, shopkeeper astonished – Chey ???, Customer- pooray ghar ke badal daloonga’.
    I swear, those ol good days…

  8. Susmitha Says:

    Oh Jo πŸ™‚
    It is Kareena and not Karishma. The other woman is Juhi Chawla

  9. Sruthi Says:

    OK.. I dint see this before..

    You guys forgot Oye Bubbly… @

    Theres a lot of variations.. but I loved the original one.. it stuck to me…:D

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