Color me basanti

February 14, 2006

That was the lamest translation one could make for the title: Rang de basanti, but then, it does turn heads.. doesnt it? Before Dharam Garam thinks I was signalling Hema malini to color me, the actual meaning of Rang de basanti, it seems, is the 'color of sacrifice'. Google around for more in-depth analysis.

Claps, claps…. I am the one millionth person to write something about Rang de basanti. Why was I left behind and was late? Because I have only 2 choices: either wait for the movie to get released in my village which I call a town (incidentally it is the biggest city in this state), or wait for some good samaritan to upload the movie somewhere, and wait for some equally good samaritan to download the movie for me, make a copy and tie me to a chair to make me watch the movie (after feeding me, how could I forget that?). So, its an easy guess which option I chose for watching this movie.

I really liked the songs (the easiest to write about). Rahman (is it R'E'man?) did a nice job, especially the background score, it was peppy Bhangra mixed with some rock.. a good experiment I say. He gets the Pavan's stamp of approval for music.

Now comes the best part: the way the director was successful in showing two eras side by side, it was laudable. It was very original. The present day scenario was parallelly played with the Bhagat Singh period, and we could draw similarities between them.

Sidharth's acting was very good. He grew a lot from Boys, to NVNV, and to Yuva and now to RDB. Others were medicore (nothing special from Aamir that I anticipated). Soha Ali khan was the wow-factor of movie.

Did the movie make me run on the streets and shout Vande Mataram? No, but it did make me think for a while, and then I slipped into introspection mode. The concept was good, a little stale (I heard from N, an IMDB expert, that the story is similar to an old English movie), treated okay (could have done better with camera and editing), very good music, good casting..

That wraps up the review.. nthing spl in the story.. it is the final moral that matters: love for country. I think maybe Yuva had a better and upbeat treatment to youth and politics.


One Response to “Color me basanti”

  1. JACOB Says:

    Finally i got one place to give me the meaning of rang de basanti…kudos

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