1st anniversary

February 10, 2006

I am happy to announce my first anniversary.. with my beloved laptop. I did not realize this until I saw the calendar, and called up two of my friends to confirm the fact. Remember? I am schizophrenic, and also suffer from amnesia.

Our relationship had its ups and downs, our moments of happiness, our sad moments. She was by my side during critical moments (thesis proposal drafting), by my bed (making sure I was asleep to the loris it played), waking me up in the mornings (like my mom), crashing on me (like a true friend). It taught me many things: you give love, and you would get back love in return.

I took great care of my Toshiba Satellite M35X S311 (had to cross-check model # even after staying for 1 year with her). I did not remove her plastic cover till 3 months back, cleaned her more often than I took bath, never handled her rough, dusted her regularly, cleaned the screen using wipes stolen from department, paid its dowry in instalments (at that time I was financially weak, yes she made me weak in the knees). I still remember the day when I saw her in Circuit City. We instantly fell in love. When I tried to marry her, her dad did not allow our union (the store guy rejected my finance/card option). Then I had to woo her using other means, but I was bent to get her home that day, and so did my friend (he got her twin sister). I was poorer by $850, but richer by many folds.

As soon as I got her home, I got debian installed in it (I was dying to, but was not proficient enough to do myself). It survived the dual boot (win xp and debian), but gave occasional hiccups (We are so similar, I am schizophrenic, she is dual boot.. see we were made for each other). I never realised that the culprit was windows which spoilt our Abhishek-Aish marriage till one day I had enough of her tantarums. I killed the windows in her, and installed Ubuntu. It was a different honeymoon. I learnt a lot from her. I started loving her more than before, and Ubuntu changed our lives altogether. It was the same time I removed Windows in my department and worked only with Debian (another system has Mandriva).

I would not say we never had fights.. we had occasional differences (system freeze, unknown-reason reboot etc.), but things were for the good. Looking back 1 year, we have more sweet memories to cherish. I even showed some of my work to my prof on the laptop (though I was jealous all the time he was eyeing her). Since then, I have stopped taking her to university. She is a homemaker now. My parents were also happy on seeing her, and my sister got along well with her.

She makes me laugh (I watch movies, read posts, surfing), she makes me cry (used to with the BSOD: blue screen of death when xp was in, not now), she makes me think (when I dont know how to do something specifically with ubuntu, as I aint Linus Trovalds), she keeps me busy (I decorate her with every desktop beautification method ever seen by any debian user). She feeds me (sometimes I work from home, sometimes I order pizza online), she keeps me warm (when there are many processes running), she keeps company (when my roomie was in India), she is everything I ever wanted in a laptop.

But, things are changing now. Heard of the 7 year bug? They say a marriage loses its "essence", or "core-fun" after 7 years. I fear, and I think I am getting attracted to other models.. by models I dont mean fashion models.. nor is it some Eve.. its Apple (Eve's apple?). She makes me commit sins (like Eve's apple). I am totally floored by Macbook Pro laptop, and would do anything to lay my hands on her. I am lucky that my laprop does not read my blog, and I aint posting this from home either, so I guess I am safe and my extra-marital affair remains a ssecret.

Till then, happy anniversary dear.. I love you Toshiba! and you are my only Valentine (forget Sonali, she marked my mails as spam)
PS: If you are a Japanese/Chinese woman and your name is Toshiba, please forgive me if you are offended.. and if you are interested, please pm me 😉

quote for tonight:

"I aint broke, but I am badly bent"


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