Paritrana- new politics

February 8, 2006

Indian politics sees the birth of a new baby: a party called Paritrana. I first heard about this as an offline (over IM) from a couple of friends, and then googled a bit to know more. It is being compared to a Bollywood movie by Mani Ratnam, Yuva.

It has really educated people (I appreciate their desire to make a change), and I sincerely hope that more educated, learned, and younger people come into politics (thanks to Manmohan Singh and P. Chindambaram for being close to what I yearned for). If every learned person makes an effort, things would turn towards a better tommorow. Join Paritrana, and be a part of a better India! Oh, and btw, please watch the short movie made by Bharatbala on India, its very inspiring. Its titled "Young and resurgent India".

UPDATE: Desicritics has an interview with Paritrana's Chandrashekar.


"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already present in man "-Swami Vivekananda


20 Responses to “Paritrana- new politics”

  1. abhishek Says:

    manmohan singh is only a puppet and if joining paritrana will make us like manmohan singh then i wont join it.i m sorry if u yearn for people like manmohan singh.thnk you.

  2. abhishek Says:

    and the concept of paritrana is good.i was talking about pavan kumar’s opinion which i disagree with.

  3. Pavan Says:

    I was refering to educated people joining poilitics, and I presume we concur on that. As regards to our individual opinions on M. Singh, those are secondary.

  4. Gurumurthy Says:

    ya as abhishek said i think u shud not take m.singh as our inspiration for gods sake…our inspiration shud be like APJ kalam..and many others who really strive for better india…
    But i seriously doubt whether it can withstand the present political situation…

  5. Pavan Says:

    The gist of my post was that “learned” and educated people should be active in politics, rather than some goon. Hope you understand my point, and not mistake me for being pro-Congress. And to clarify things, I do not like Congress (I), but I do respect Manmohan Singh (as FM, not PM). And personal preferences vary.

    Edit: changed the tone in last sentence (above), so as not to sound rude (check: have to hone)

  6. Gurumurthy Says:

    hey ok ok chill man…ya me 2 agree that singh was once a gud FM and he implemented many development programs…

  7. asheesh Says:

    just heard about paritana.. its indeed cool that someone is really attempting what every young indian thot someone should do, sitting in the college canteen …
    frankly i wouldnt attempt something so courgeous but i certainly can and will support them instead of showing pessimism … our country does not deserve to have a man like laloo yadav or pappu yadav in the parliament when we have the kind of talent India has …

  8. Nagsen Says:

    [this message edited by Pavan for the length and excessive links/email IDs]

    If interested, join this group:

  9. manoj Says:

    well, someone in india is hoping for a better tomorrow. by establishing a party like paritrana, it’s the right move. people like manmohan singh are perfect examples of educated politicians. i agree he is a puppet, but if you had to choose among these two, would you choose manmohan singh or lallu prasad yadav?
    abhishek’s view about manmohan being a puppet is right, but i admire him as a person. anyone who is well educated is a winner in life… and these winners “only” must integrate in a party like paritrana… that’s where lies the future of the party and also our country INDIA.

  10. Prriya Rathee Says:

    hi there,
    “PARITRANA”………sounds really good. just waited for this day to come and bring some change in existing dirty politics….. our generation needs to awaken n u guys have hammered it jus on the metal when it was hot…keep it going. will always be there for the help n support.
    jus bring that fire in and awaken this sleeping india and a positive change……..BEST OF LUCK

  11. Pavan Says:

    Priya, Yes, rightly said.

  12. nina Says:

    I understand the point leaders need to be educated people- But educated leadership itself will solve nothing- whats the point of an educated ineffective leader? what is needed is people with integrity, intelligence , vision and most important the drive and energy to make things happen. It is no stupendous task to set up processes to end the rot that has sent in the bureaucracy and leadership – But ofcourse there is no will on the side of the current “educated” leadership-

    We have to start expecting leaders to have ALL key criteria since they manage the country- We dont expect a call center to speak good english but have rude telephone manners–so why the compromise on the most critical post–get out mediocrity and expecting mediocrity guys.

  13. Pavan Says:

    Yes Nina, thats true. And it melts down to blame-game which the leaders and the citizens have been playing since long time. The initiation and thought process whould come from both the ends. It is like a negotiation where both have to involve.

  14. Ramana Says:

    Just came to know what this “Paritrana” is. How can One take part of or join Paritrana from different parts of the world. Pls help.

  15. Aashwin Says:

    well v need a party dat can think bout good politics & not the ones like arjun singh & other political party leader who just c their own interests & keep quite when it comes people’s problems.Lets Go Ahead & create a difference!!!. BEST OF LUCK PARITRANA

  16. agni Says:

    Ramana, try ‘lok paritrana’ in google & the first one will be their home site. Can get info bout joining them there.

  17. Pavan Says:

    People, the very reason I put the “Join Paritrana” link in this post was because of this.

  18. sabarish Says:

    It is really good news from youngsters like you wanted to involve in the peoples work .But the moto should not be only in relief from all stress it should make all the students in india to think about it and join the paritrana hands many indian students are not knowing what problems we really face in our country because of the selfishness of political party members and need of corruption free nation

  19. viraj Lonkar Says:

    Hi all,

    I would definetly agree that educated man should join politics with a view of development of the country.
    I would also like to know how we as educated people can pull in more strength in numbers to make this a movement and not just a name sake thing.
    I have always been pushing my friends towards the concept of giving back to our country and many have reacted positively. But after certain email, donations etc.. it comes to a hault until something new happens.
    If you all can please assist me in make this more of a movement and a continual process. I am personally willing to make it work and surely ready to put in all efforts needed from my end.
    I hope our generation brings INDIA to a new standard and make the world aware who we are and how strong we are.
    Awaiting your replies.
    Thank you
    Vande mataram.

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