Name: [does it matter?]

January 30, 2006

Whats in a name?, said William Shakespeare (the Bard?). But he did not forget to add his name, maybe Anonymous Coward was not IN then..

BTW, a head note: this post is made using **drums rolling** Lynx, an experimental endeavor I embarked upon to show (fool) my lab-mate that I was actually working on something important. So whom did I fool? Myself! because I have stuff do for my **drums rolling, standing ovation by Nobel prize winners** Thesis. But I am here blogging, but please ask me why. Why? I heard my lab mate’s voice when I was working, “Pablo, Are you going to Dina’s farewell downstairs in the lounge? I heard there is cake”. I looked around to see if there was any Mexican/Spanish guy in our room. He had committed 2 mistakes: One, he broke my train of thoughts (or sleep?), and second and major crime for which he should be beheaded: He mispronounced my name. And I am used to such abuse (if I could call so).

This one time I was in LA, and had visited Starbucks (I hate Starbucks, because they are stars, and they empty my bucks, but this time I was there because nature dialled 911 and I had to rush before a tsunami happened, so inorder to pee, I alongwith my friend bought the cheapest coffee and relieved ourselves). When we returned to our usual selves, we went to pick up our coffees, and I had given my name as “Pavan” during billing. But now, my coffee had the words engraved on the cup: “Pablo”.

I had taken that sportively (by throwing the coffee on the floor, did not flush their toilet, stole some paper napkins, and swore never to visit a Starbucks again). People in US find my actual first name a toungue twister (the James Bond joke with the AP guy.. remember? it was me, yes I have 4 words in my name, after the school cut it from 5 to 4), so it is understandable. That is the very reason (and that I got used to it), I go with the middle two parts of my name, which is Pavan kumar, easy to pronounce, and sounds like a Russian spy (Kumar, Pavlo kumar, cool huh? but Pablo? shriek! Pablo Gonzaaalesss? Banderrrrrasss, Pablo Banderrrrassss! its bad even while typing) I somehow hate those Spanish names (no hate crime, no personal feelings against people from those regions, but I have my likes and dislikes).

I had an informal discussion with a friend of mine on a crappy forum about having last name in your name, and how you felt/preferred.. and he said that he did not prefer having the lastname (or surname, or family name) because a) he was himself first, then was he to be tagged or identified by his lastname, and b) people should not have pre-conceived notions about him from his lastname. I agree with the second part.

So coming to the love one has for his/her name, why is that? Because it uniquely identifies you?. Though there are similar names in the world (and I know people with my name, and even last name), It is a unique identifier, is is your ego. Eventhough, you havent achieved much, what you have achieved is atleast a 1 page long name, so people would easily remember you (not in the sense “here comes the guy with my-name-is-my-bio-data name”.

The point of this blog? Hope my labmate reads this, and gets enlightened that my actual name isnt some Pablo, but the revered “Pavan kumar”

Footnote: coming to fooling your-whoever-you-are-surrounded-by, I was really happy to know that I was not alone, but this diesease is prevelant among others too (mostly desis). I remember my friend sending me a beautifully written document telling me the whats and what-nots to do when I was visiting India, and later did I realize that it was to trick his Chinese labmates that he was working on a paper (he wrote the file in research paper format, and then made it a pdf.. and sent to me for “peer review”). I had to okay it, I owed him money then 🙂


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