Casino, or is it Cash-I-NO?

January 27, 2006

I had been to a casino yesterday, not that it was my first time.. 8th time? or something like that (but less than 10), and I have a statement to make: Only losers go to Casino (and play). I had to add the last bit to save myself.

Speaking of casinos, I have been to Vegas, been to a local casino here but nothing ever ever looks addictive to me there. Atleast to me. So the whole casino "trip" starts with lots of preparation. First the timing: it has to be night! preferably late night, and also a weekend, because thats when the sleepless people, and the oh-so-rich folks of the town throng (I have an 'r' there, please notice) the casinos. And when more the people, better the mazaa in gambling, the perception I got.

Firstly, my defense of why I visit(ed) casions:
(*) The first time I "ever" saw legal gambling, so had to see how the environs (and its folks) look like
(*) Once the above reason was done, I found another reason: its Vegas baby! viva Las Vegas, the sin city (my sin was lending some money to a friend, which took ages to see the light of my pocket)
(*) I never knew they served free hot chocolate, and sodas. So while my friends happily drained their money, I happily drained the casino's of their hot chocolate supply. Yes, I am now flagged (like George Clooney was in Oceans Eleven, ofcourse for different reasons)
(*) I like studying their security, the employees (especially if they are hot, which is never the case) and how they behave, Their sleight of hand (though there is no cheating involved, but thats how it seems), how they keep tabs on people, how they notice somebody on their extreme left evenwhen they are talking to somebody on their extreme right, how the cameras (or should I say the swarm of cameras) kick the voyeur fetishes of the security personnel, how the dealers change the tables in an orchestrated manner, how the managers take notes of every tables' activities.. It is an ocean of learning there, with occasional servings of hot chocolate (or the other way round?)

Till now I have spent around around $20 myself, the split goes like this: $10 at Vegas (just because I was there, and sorry no profits if IRS is reading this), $5 at the lcoal casino and $4 on a sandwich I just had to buy at Vegas. I am still searching for the lost account of $1, shall update on this later.

Now as to the reasons I think that casino and gambling is for losers. Before that, I would like to make my stand clear that this is just an observation, and open to debate, and the views here are very very skewed because it is my blog.

(*) It is your hard earned money, and you are happy losing it to the casino just because you fall into the "q-club" (remember probability? p=prob. of favorable outcome, hence q=1-p). So, it is not that you worked hard and you deserved it, or have a valid reason saying if you had done like that, you could have won.
(*) It could be put to better use. I know people who lost more than $5000, yes LOST. I feel very bad for them, but some guy at casino is right now enjoying that at this very instant.
(*) You are so lost in life, that you lost faith in yourself, and have totally resorted to the influence of luck in your life. You want to test the luck factor in your life, to give you fake assurance that you are doing good, and have good times ahead
(*) Like gothic kids, some have masochistic pleasure.. in seeing their money burnt to ashes

The schizophrenic side of me defended by putting forward these points, and my reply in italics:
(*) Dude, its none of your business. Stop fucking around with other people's business (Sorry, I had loads of time and nothing else to blog about)
(*) Your friends are going to kick your ass for mentioning them (Tell me something new)
Getting serious:
(*) They know their priorities, they are matured enough to realise what gambling is, what their limits are, and btw you arent perfect either (point taken)
(*) Life is all about gambling. Dont you gamble with your tests? your studies? your job? the decisions you make also involve a factor of probability, so would you stop them? Wake up! and realise that you are a player in this multi-player game. Gambling is just another day just like you drive on interstate and dont know *for sure* that you would make it to home, safely. So appreciate their guts that they are playing with their money, and not lives. And btw you are kanjoos, makhee choos.
cough.. cough.. isnt it going to rain today?


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