Synergy- multiple comps, single i/p device

November 23, 2005

Ever felt lazy to shift to another computer on the same desk? Well I have to use one for multimedia/music as the one I work on doesnt have a sound card, but is faster for computations/simulations.

I always had to keep shifting to the other one’s keyboard/mouse and that was quiet irritating. And digg had this nice story about x2x and x2vnc, both of which were quite cumbersome to configure my 2 comps. I googled and stumbled upon Sourceforge’s Synergy, which is pretty easy to configure and play around. I got started within a couple of minutes and the best part? It is in the debian packages, thus an apt-get was all I had to do! Good for noobs like me.


One Response to “Synergy- multiple comps, single i/p device”

  1. mike Says:

    great blog!


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